Sanya Burgess

Sanya Burgess


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Hasta la vista, Exeter

Sanya Burgess, still recovering from the Graduation Ball, looks back at the good (and the bad) from her time at Exeter.

Radio Ga Ga or Radio Goo Goo?

Exeter’s English Society try and bring all the lols to the yard.

Student Street Cracks Up

Crack cocaine and naked men: It seems quiet student street, Haldon Road, is turning into a bit of a mad one.

No sex please, I’m abstinent

Lucrezia Slinn argues for and explains the world of being abstinent at University

Sir Steve on (another) passage to India

Exeter University’s bonds with Indian Universities strengthened

The Tab of Making Love – Single People wanted!

Did steak and blowjob day leave you feeing sad and alone? The Tab is here to help you find love!

Guild President Banned from The Ram after aggression towards student

Nick “Welshy” Davies is punished after verbally abusing student

Exeter Emeralds are Cheer Champions

Exeter’s cheerleaders dominate their most recent competiton

Police To Save Students From The Dark?

Student campaign to keep our street lights switched on is being backed by police.

Serial Student Groper Pleads Guilty

A man repeatedly groped female students in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, on the High Street and around campus.

More evacuations on campus…

Students evacuated from the business school over fears of a gas leak

SSB needs you!

If you feel anything about the Safer Sex Ball and want to make it known, head down to the Forum

Forum Evacuation

An alarm in the forum has caused students to be evacuated. It is currently unclear if this is a drill or if an actual fire has broken out.

Enchanted Garden Ball 2013: Acts Announced

With SSB gone, there’s space for a new #1 Ball in town. There may not be underwear, but by George it looks like a lot of fun.

Will walk for work (and charity)

For budding lawyers and avid walkers, the annual Wainwright Walk is here.

Horsing around in the kitchen

Deputy editor Sanya Burgess shares some recipes mule go crazy for.

Fire on New North Road

This Valentine’s someone’s been making some hot love in the kitchen…or rather just some burnt food.

The Tab backs Bella Berngart to win

Plucky first year Bella Berngart isn’t put off by not seeming to know much about what being Guild President is about or what she’ll do next year if she wins. She likes wiggling her bum and needs your vote!

Money, sex and drugs: The Sugar Babies’ world

Meet Nicole, a 20 year old student paying her way through her studies through “mutually beneficial arrangements” with older, wealthier men, as The Tab investigates the Sugar Baby phenomenon.

Guild Candidates Announced

The Guild elections are upon us. Prepare yourself for hassle on your way to seminars and cringey campaign stunts on campus.

Get your Vote love, you’ve pulled

VoteFest: offering you free entry to the Lemmy and no excuse not to find out more about the elections

Lafrowda nearly toasted

A toaster in Lafrowda has wreaked havoc after catching fire

Heads roll in SSB video backlash

From giving head to losing your head – The Guild begin to crack down.

‘Appy Christmas For Arena Fans

Arena takes next step forward into Internet age.

How unfare

Train prices are set to rocket in the new year

SSB protest rumours and a letter that’s probably come too late

Amidst rumours of a riot, the campaign group against the “Tribal” SSB theme have made moves to disrupt the SSB on Monday and have called for staff and faculty support.

Huge Fire on Well St

A sizeable fire broke out in Well Street in the early hours of this morning.

Wet, wet, wet

Someone call Noah, because Exeter’s got itself into a helluva flood.

Bnoc in parking palaver

At first it looked like a simple ticket, but if anything it was a whole lot worse

Rooftop roamer returns

Man defies police for four hours on top of Elmside houses in repeat of last year’s Vic Street scenes

£4m grant for cow poop

Cow poo and left over food could save our future

Cult camper in machete arrest

Police arrest machete-wielding Father Christmas-lookalike just off footpath to campus.

Let there be light!

With the council proposing to turn our streetlights off it seems somewhat ironic that Exeter is launching their Christmas lights on Thursday, 22 November – but you know, yay! Christmas!

HAVE YOUR SAY: The Po-Po want you in the Know-Know

If you’ve had wish-I-could-vote-for-Obama fever, don’t worry! You can vote for your local Police Crime Commissioner.

New Buildings! New buildings everywhere.

In case you’ve missed Exeter Uni looking like a building site, the University has announced plans to spend £20 million on a bioengineering centre.

Very ice work, RAG

Get into the festive feel by donning your skates and hopping onto the ice with RAG!

Help the Homeless

The Annual Christmas Banquet for the Homeless needs your help!

Dress to impress or distress

Has the announcement of SSB dates got you buzzing? Or are you just really excited about Halloween? Well, you’re in luck as two Exeter Uni students have been frightfully busy organising one of the biggest Halloween events in Exeter for years.

Man, what a booker of a prize! Mantel does it again

University of Exeter honorary graduate Hilary Mantel won the Man Booker Prize on the , for the second time.

Research assistant charged with sexual assault

Researcher will be sentenced at the beginning of November

Man vs Queues: Freshers Friday Timepiece

TabTV launches with a visit to Friday Night Timepiece.

John Lewis literally flooded with excitement (and water)

A bust pipe has flooded John Lewis.

Exeter’s biggest department store opens today!

People queued in the rain for a piece of the action

She tweets when she wants

@TopshamPolice back online after Guild’s complaints

Sir Steve is UCAS bnoc

Vice chancellor becomes chairman of the board

Ikea eyes exe

Swedish furniture giant scouting locations for new Superstore.

Marilyn Monroe’s life remembered at Uni museum

50th anniversary of the film icon’s death is marked by the Bill Douglas Centre.

Student Savings at Princesshay

Students spend record amount

Exeter joins Research Libraries UK

Exeter Uni joins with the big dogs of library research

Olly Murs lookalike in Impy punch up

Police are hunting for the Xfactor star’s doppelgänger after pub brawl

Hannah Berney does Baywatch

The Uni’s favourite songstress covers an Exeter classic specially for The Tab.

Hollister descends on Exeter

SANYA BURGESS spends a hungover morning drinking in the perfume fumes and the washboard abs at the new Hollister store.

There’s only 181 better unis

Exeter has been ranked in the top 200 unis in the world

The Drop Visits…Bombay Bills

Sanya Burgess reviews local hidden gem Bombay Bills


Laura Johnson’s trial has reached its verdict.

Nutrimunch your way to your summer bod!

Nutrimunch is a local, student based business that will help you get fit and trim!

"A parrot walks into a pub…"

An escaped parrot has been reunited with its owner after milling around Pitcher and Piano

Hannah Berney voted off The Voice

Sadly, Hannah Berney has left The Voice.

Lindsay Smith needs your votes for Beach Break!

It seems Exeter University’s Got Talent.

Hannah Berney on revising in-between exams, nerves and her outfits

Hannah Berney on revising between rehearsals, her pre-match nerves and the outfits she wears on stage.

Hannah Berney shines through the crowd

Hannah Berney on revising between rehearsals, her pre-match nerves and the outfits she wears on stage.

XTV NaSTA Success

Our University’s TV wins a ton of awards and wins the bid to host the 40th NaSTA ceremony!

Council Plans to turn off Street Lights during your walk home.

Walking home from Arena in darkness? That’s what we as students could face…

Exeter SIFE cleans up at the National Awards!

On the 19th April, Exeter’s SIFE team (Students In Free Enterprise) cleaned up at their very first time at the National SIFE awards.

Hannah Berney, Voice of Exeter Uni Through to Live Finals

Sanya Burgess of the success of Exeter Uni’s blossoming superstar.

Exeter’s SIFE group impresses on a National Level

Exeter Uni Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team have made it to the 2012 SIFE UK National Competition.

The Drop Meets…Hannah Berney

The Drop brings you an exclusive Interview with Exeter Uni’s very own Talent Star

New Occupy Camp in Totnes

The Occupy fight for equality continues.

Laura Johnson Found GUILTY

Exeter University undergrad, Laura Johnson, has been charged over her actions during the London riots

Mood Disorder Centre Opens

Exeter University’s Mood Disorder Research Centre has opened

Fuel Panic

Fuel runs low and panic spreads across the UK

Fewer University Places

Next September there will be fewer university places avaliable

Exeter’s Business Boom

Exeter is home to some of the most promising businesses in the UK

Exeter Uni Student Trial Begins

Exeter University Student, Laura Johnson’s trial over her actions in the London riots begins.

Olympic torch route – REVEALED!

Don’t miss out on a once in a life time event!

Alcohol Prices Set to Rise

The cost of your next night out could be much higher…


The recent Guild Election results listed here

Farmers’ Market on Campus Today

Don’t miss the Farmers’ Market on Campus Today!

Hole in the Wall shuts down

Local venue shuts down

5 Steps on how to write a University Level Essay

Struggling with essays? This little list might just help!

Occupy Exeter: The Interview

Sanya Burgess interviews a member of Occupy Exeter.


Sanya Burgess covers Occupy Exeter’s movements since their eviction and interviews a member of their group.

Occupy Exeter Protestors upgrade Tents for Offices

Exeter’s local protestors have begun squatting in an empty office space by the Cathedral.