Just 15 of the most unhinged items listed on Meadows Share

Anyone interested in some hay?

What is the Edinburgh Meadows Share Facebook group, if not a microcosm of Edinburgh itself? A beloved online forum where citizens come together to help one another, generously dole out belongings free of charge, and sometimes (when we’re lucky) post some of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen on the internet.

There’s nothing I love more than other people’s business, so I’m not ashamed to admit I spent a fairly good amount of time scrolling through the Meadows Share and Meadows Chat groups looking for entertainment.

So please enjoy this collection of some of the most unhinged posts shared on the group.

1. We’ve all been there

2. Never related to a plant more

3. Finally, a solution to the classic problem

Wish I’d seen this earlier I’ve had so many things I needed to make look like a WW2 submarine!

4. Everything can be a teachable moment

She’s right tbh

5. Burgurs


7. Read the flamingo themed room next time, thanks.

The housing market is terrible right now though I do genuinely hope OP is alright.

8. “Sleep tight, Theroux the night”

Nightmare fuel or stunning home decor? Can’t decide

9. You’ve heard of the Marchmont cats, get ready for the Marchmont cows

BRB texting my flatmate to see what our lease says about cows

10. Someone go pick him up RIGHT NOW

Spotted on his way back from a night out at Hive.

11. All Rolly wanted was some sunshine and someone kidnapped him

Society is going downhill faster than Rolly did

12. Thank you for sharing king!

13. Who wants some expired cheese??

I’ll take a cube!

14. Hay now!

15. And finally, my all-time favourite Meadows Share post

She’s doing more to help her cat pull than I’ve ever done for my friends, tbh.

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