Here are seven songs to put on your motivational playlist, just in time for Semester Two

Coming out of your Christmas cage and you’re doing just fine

With second semester just days away, we could all use as much motivation as possible to get us ready for lectures and classes to begin again. A couple of days ago, I wrote a guide to motivating yourself for Semester Two, in which I mentioned listening to feel-good songs to get you in a positive frame of mind. Following on from that, I’ve decided to share what my go-to songs are for getting me up and out the door in those early mornings.

So here are my top tracks for a motivational university playlist. This is in no way ranked as all are ace in my opinion. Although don’t hate me for the first song on the list, deep down you love it really.

Mr Brightside – The Killers

The ultimate “get ready for your night out” track can also be turned into “get ready for uni” one too. Get motivated by listening to this track whilst making your healthy breakfast in the morning (pancakes with Nutella and strawberries). You’ll be jumping into that 9am!

Don’t You Want Me – The Human League

Just wait for the chorus. That’s how your degree classification feels when you slack off! Get some 80s playing through the AirPods daddy got you for Christmas because you’ve got this.

S&M – Rhianna

Okay so this song is extremely kinky, but imagine strutting down Princes Street before your 9am and watching all the people rush by with a bit of Rhi Rhi in your ears. It just about makes your two hour long sociology lecture bearable.

Don’t Stop Movin’ – SClub 7

Not much to say about this one apart from it’s a song to truly depict uni life. But as they say, don’t stop moving!

We R Who We R – Kesha

So now you’re really judging my taste in music (if you even got past The Killers) but bear with me. Just think about that night out you’ll be on soon, because if you study hard you can also play hard. Sometimes the only way to get motivated is to think about the end.

Starlight – Muse

In reality you really want to be taking a plane far away from the start of the semester, but running away is not the answer. It really will be alright and you’re one step closer to holding a degree in your hands, making the deadlines and 9am lectures worth it. It might not make up for the crippling debt, but we move.

Time That I Can Borrow – Calum Bowie

Calum Bowie is a new upcoming artist who became known by posting videos of himself singing outside his window on TikTok. The song has an upbeat tone to really give you that motivation for ‘getting out your bed and into your shoes and go’.

I promise the first 9am might be rough, but hopefully some of these tune suggestions will help get you ready and dancing out the door.

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