Edi students share what their 2022 New Year’s resolutions are

‘To leave fuckboys in 2021’

It’s officially 2022 everybody, and let’s face it, we’re probably all quite glad to see the back of 2021. Especially the first half of it at least.

There’s no doubt that many of us started our year hungover from the night before, but with every January 1st there also comes a chance to better ourselves as people through our New Year’s resolutions.

From promising to take out the recycling more, to swearing off Pollock boys for good, there’s something we should all be adding to our list of resolutions.

We asked over on The Edinburgh Tab Instagram what your 2022 resolutions are, and here’s what you said:

‘To not give a shit about what other people think about me’


‘To learn to relax and stop stressing, to sleep better, and to lose my virginity’

Three very good resolutions.

‘To leave fuckboys in 2021’

Unfortunately they have a tendency to pop up regardless.

‘I wanna get into trainspotting like my boy Francis’

Kinda random but we love it!


‘To not give my ex any more thought or energy’

I bet there’s someone better waiting for you in 2022.

‘Stress less and go to the gym more’

Good but difficult resolutions, but I’m sure you can do it!

‘Order less takeaways and do more cooking’

Okay but Civerinos vs shitty pesto pasta, I know what I prefer.

‘Spend less money on nights out’

You might need to swap WhyNot for Hive…

‘Stay this sexy’

An easy one to achieve.

‘Pre-write lecture notes before lectures so I can focus on what the lecturer is actually saying’

That would be next level organisation. Very impressive.

‘Be able to do a pull up by the end of the year’

I won’t be joining you, but I believe in you 100 per cent.

‘Climb Arthur’s Seat once a month’

I’d say that’s easy, but I’ve only been up three times and I’m in third year.

‘Actually attend my lectures and tutorials lol’

You have ONE JOB.

‘Stop getting off with strangers in clubs’

A Covid safe decision tbh.

‘Try and hand in my essays on time’

I’m sure your tutors would also appreciate this.

‘To write more articles for The Tab’

The best resolution of them all x

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