Take this personality quiz and we’ll tell you which Edinburgh pub you are

Let’s be real, if you get Pear Tree then you don’t have one x

When you think of Edinburgh, it’s almost impossible not to think about the pubs. There’s something about the cold Scottish nights combined with the general British culture of alcoholism that means as an Edi student you will spend a lot of your time inside one of the city’s fine drinking establishments.

One of the best things about living in Edinburgh is having so many different pubs to choose from, and that they all have their very own vibe and quirks. Your favourite pub really does say a lot about you.

So, we’ve come up with a quiz that will tell you what your go-to pub should be, based on your answers to seven questions.

From the pretentiously packed walls of Brass Monkey to the cold Pollock-haunted benches of Pear Tree, let’s see which Edinburgh pub you get.


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