The Edi main library is opening on Monday and here’s how it’s going to work

University study spaces will be open at 20-25% capacity

Edinburgh University will be re-opening the Main Library more fully for the general student population this Monday, September 14th.

The Uni will start to open other study spaces gradually from the 14th, and students will have to book ahead using a new online booking system.

In regard to the necessity of a study desk booking system, the University website says: “A booking system for study spaces has been considered to mediate demand fairly for the student population.”

Additionally, “The quantity of study spaces / desks at the University is much reduced to around 20-25 per cent, because of the 2m social distancing requirement.”

Study spaces will have desks that are bookable as well as a selection that will remain open for walk-ups.

When students arrive at a desk, they’ll have to check in using the app SeatEd or this online form. They’ll also have to check out when leaving their study space.

Each desk will have a unique QR code to use to check in and out.

Face masks will be required inside all University study spaces, and the library will be changing the way that students borrow books. For example, items in the reserve collection that would normally only be available for three hours will be extended to one week to avoid frequent circulation of items.

The Main Library is the first University study space to open, but other spaces such as Teviot Row House won’t be opening until the 12th of October.

All policies are subject to change following government guidance, and more information can be found on the library services webpage.

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