‘My eyes are bleeding’: Edi students react to two storey pop up cafe on Bristo square

71 per cent of students think it’s an eyesore

The Uni are opening a two floor Scandinavian-style lodge in Bristo Square next week and the students of Edi are both confused and horrified.

This comes as one of five new “villages” across the University, in Bristo Square, George Square, Pollock Halls, Kings Buildings and Easter Bush.

These spaces are being made to provide students with extra space and capacity to study around campuses. They also sell coffee and snacks so you’re able to munch whilst you study. Who needs the library am I right?

Honestly what is that?!

Following a poll on The Tab Edinburgh IG, 71 per cent of students think it’s a complete eyesore. We also asked students their thoughts on the new project and the responses were overwhelmingly negative.

Anne, a fourth year student said “give me actual study spaces not somewhere to get a fkn coffee”, and that you can’t just “plop a container on campus, give it the name of an Ikea product, and pretend students will be satisfied”.


Various other responses to our Instagram included, “gross”, “why?” and “would rather have my timetable tbh”.

Heather replied to our story, “Why are the Uni taking money away from Teviot and Prow!? It’s going to lose people [their] jobs”.

“Is it permanent…”

Harry replied with something that sums up the student’s responses perfectly: “yeah no thanks”.

Professor Colm Harmon, Vice-Principal Students at the University of Edinburgh, said: “This has been an incredibly challenging year for students and we want to give those arriving with us this semester the best experience possible, while also ensuring their safety and the safety of the wider Edinburgh community.”

“ugh as if!”

“I am thrilled that we are able to offer our students these welcoming, covered areas to enjoy when they are on campus this year. As numbers within our buildings are greatly reduced, we felt that it was important to provide them with space in which they can safely relax and chat with friends in between classes.”

There is one saving grace, maybe the skateboarders can finally take this as their cue to leave.

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