Here’s what your lockdown baking habits say about you as a person

Sugar and spice and all things nice

The global pandemic has led to a baking boom which we’re all witnessing on our social media feeds. There’s something about being indoors constantly that has made many of us appreciate the underrated parts of domestic life like baking or caring for plants.

These past few months, we’ve also seen people return to other simple pleasures like Animal Crossing, DIY art and jigsaw puzzles. I know all too well that I’m baking because it gives me some escapism from being trapped inside all day.

So I’ve created a completely scientific way of understand what your baking habits say about you as a person. Oh, and I’ll give them all a boredom rating too. Bon appétit!


You like fool-proof, traditional baking treats. People may say that you’re basic but you rock it well.  Being the cookie monster in residence at home, my family are reaping the sweet sweet fruit of my lockdown labour.

Boredom rating: 2/5

You were bored, you may be basic but you were more hungry than anything.

Sourdough bread:

This for legends and patient people only. I aspire to get on this level of lockdown baking because just one part of the sourdough process takes over four days to prepare! You’re sophisticated and I want to be you.

Boredom rating: 5/5

Five out of five because step one of making this requires five days of waiting. It’s a lot. We are all rooting for you sweetie!


You’re probably missing your year abroad to do this. When you close your eyes, you can just about picture yourself sitting in a cosy cafe after ordering from your ridiculously attractive French waiter. Oui, oui. Absolute bliss.

Boredom rating: 4/5

You were bored, reminiscing about days spent beyond your borders but you are unmistakably elite.


You probably prefer food with subtle flavours you know work well, like vanilla or lemon. Or you may even take the simple format of cupcakes and use it to experiment with unconventional flavours. Like the cookie baker, you keep things simple but you also probably share these with your quarantine companion(s) and their feedback encourages you to do more.

Boredom rating: 2/5

Okay cupcakes may be basic, but they are optimised for sharing like cookies. You were bored and generous but you’re also placing yourself highly on the lockdown totem pole of productivity. Well played household Ramsay, well played.


For you, food may be more of a pleasure based experience rather than a chore. Right now you might be baking your worries away and that’s okay. You enjoy indulgent treats to soothe the uncertainty of the world around us right now. I stan.

Boredom rating: 2/5

Brownies are more enjoyment and indulgence than boredom. You’re stress-baking but if it helps you, you’re doing amazing sweetie!

Banana Bread:

You’re probably a social and creative baker, keen to try out the things you hear about. You don’t mind the outcome, because you enjoy the process of trying things out or experimenting

Boredom rating: 4/5

You were very bored but you were also propelled by your insta envy of banana bread content.


You enjoy rich, indulgent treats.  You also like planning in advance for your snacking needs. Cake may take days to consume which means the outcome of your baking holds a maximum reward.

Boredom rating: 3/5

Cake is simple but can also be messed up very easily, but luckily you have enough time to kill to follow your recipe to perfection.

Cinnamon rolls:

As a hard worker, you rolled up your sleeves and got to work with this one. Cinnamon rolls actually take a fair amount of physical effort, from rolling the dough to making a good icing to go with it.

Boredom rating: 3/5

You were bored but you also felt like a challenge so went for it.


Picasso who? You’re probably artsy and have a flair for presentation and design. Any pastry that involves manipulating the dough in a specific shape deserves acknowledgement. You want a treat that looks as good as it tastes and you know a good thing when you bake it.

Boredom rating: 2.5/5

You already have to love baking to do this, so it’s half passion, half productivity.

Tablet/ Fudge:

You’re a child at heart who isn’t afraid to channel your five year old self. This treat is literally 99.9% sugar. But you might need that level of indulgence rn so I don’t judge.

Boredom rating: 5/5

You lowkey could’ve bought ‘Mrs Tilly’s Fudge’ from Tesco but you wanted to use up all your sugar at home. But huge respect for your experimenting.

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