Lockdown? More like BNOC crown! Here’s round one of the nominations

Let the voting begin!


Ladies and gents, we asked for BNOCs, and oh boy did you deliver. The nominations span far and wide, through all four year groups, and across all of Edinburgh’s finest universities.

But the race is far from over. In fact it’s only just begun. We now ask that you take a scroll through the nominees and vote for your favourite on the poll before.

Or do you think you know who is more worthy of the BNOC title than these fantastic lot? Nominations are still open! 

Here’s the inspiring individuals Round One has to offer…

Jonathan Raphael, 4th year, Mathematics

Is it any wonder Jonathan was nominated? He was the creator behind that infamous Pollock TV video, truly an icon for bringing Edinburgh students to the limelight at their finest. Jonathan is also the founder of the club night Nighttube, and made a recent Edi First Dates video too.

Jonathan isn’t a stranger to Juju’s himself however, as in his first year he was admitted to hospital after going a little too hard on his birthday at the legendary club. Maybe this is why he doesn’t attend quite so often now.

This wasn’t the first time Jonathan hasn’t always been so top of his game. Back in the first semester of first year he broke his leg, and missed everything exciting that freshers has to offer. Sadly, he had to taxi to and from Kings every day. A hefty Uber bill if I ever did see one, but a legend no less.

Matt, 4th year, Biochemistry

With the highest number of nominations so far, it’s no wonder Matt is our next up. The multiple nominations may have come from the fact ‘he’s literally shagged everyone’, and the iconic time he got bored with one three way, rode a bike in nothing but a short silk robe to attend a different three way.

Matt can’t go anywhere without running into at least five people he knows, and is never one to turn down a night at Hive. He also manages to Vice President two sports clubs!

Fionnuala Marshall, 1st year, Mathematics

Fionnuala has managed to make a big splash at Edinburgh despite only being in her first year. Defined as ‘the countess of Chancellors’ and the ‘queen of choral’, her friends say she sings like an angel in nearly every possible choir in Edi.

She’ll never say no to a good night out and the only reasoning she needs to saying yes to the pub is “it’s my Irish culture to”. What started as once an innocent night in the Pear Tree for Fionnuala, turned into a thing of nightmares where an arm wrestle challenge lead to a dislocated elbow. A&E I hear you cry? Not for this legend, the only compensation she needed from her fellow opponent was pints of Guinness for the rest of the night. Seems like a fair deal to me, and a pretty great legacy to leave.

It’s not all sunshine and roses though, Fionnuala once feel asleep on the sofas in Hive and was told if she didn’t get back up she’d be kicked out. That lead her straight to the dance floor and was subsequently the last person to leave. Icon.

Patrick Hall, 2nd year, Politics

Next up is Patrick, who is a famous face among the theatre societies and further afield. One can simply go no where in Edinburgh without him being stopped in the street by someone he knows. The work of a true BNOC.

Patrick’s legacy stems beyond his connections however, oh yes, his dreams were bigger than this. Patrick dreamt that one day he could own a remote control helicopter so he could go and make more friends on the meadows in the hope that people would think he was cool. This has been completed. Ah, a man and his chopper – no finer combination!

William Hardie, 2nd year, Sports Coaching 

Forget the Guinness book of world records, William has something we all long for. He allegedly has the record at hive for most appearances in a calendar year. As if that wasn’t enough, he also holds the record for the most amount of jäger bombs ordered at a single time (154) which unfortunately did deplete most of his student loan. Worth it though am I right?

Being a Hive regular comes with its drawbacks. William once powered through a Hive till five and headed straight in to his morning lecture in last night’s outfit. He managed to go undetected, despite having to leave six times for a quick chunder. Can’t have it all!

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