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What does your seat in the library say about you as a person?

Live laugh love the fourth floor

Rejoice, rejoice, it's exam season, which means no more teaching, no more pretending to be listening in a revision lecture and no more panic skimming the reading the night before. With one up comes one down, and that is that we are now in the midst of revision.

Time to procrastinate to your heart's content – perhaps by reading this very article – and slave away for hours on end in the library. No matter what, every student becomes a creature of habit and slogs back up to their usual seat every morning by 9am.

So what does your chosen library seat say about you as a person?

Ground floor

Audacious by nature. Anyone who sits on the ground floor is realistically doing little to no work. You're a pop-in pop-out kind of person, most likely just there to show face before residing back to your usual working space: your bed.

Ground floor study pod

Courageous – you must have woken up so early to be able to snap up one of those much desired pods – but also, unbearably smug.

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Study pod for one? The audacity


Truly a different breed of person. Maybe you're a postgrad hoping to dodge the scent of sweaty second years on the fourth floor, or maybe you're just mad. Either way, you've chosen to sit a level below daylight, you've truly lost the plot.

First floor gallery

Wow, how I aspire to have your level of chill. It's not really the library is it? It's a glorified common room with comfy swivelly chairs. Do you actually get any work done or do you just like the feeling of being able to say you were in the library all day? Either way, kind of goals.

First floor balcony over the lobby

These tables look like you're on some sort of weird first date with whoever is sat opposite you, so it's a bizarre choice at best. It's the place to sit if you want to spot everyone and anyone who is walking into the library. Chances are you're the person your friends go-to to Facebook stalk their library crush.

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Confusing, yet inspiring

Second floor

Like the fourth floor, but more work focused. An admirable choice as you're there to use the library for its desired purpose: studying. You've taken the plunge of avoiding the fourth floor in an attempt to not see anyone you know, and it's worked. Most likely to be a no make-up, hair in top knot, nose to the grind stone kind of person. Respect.

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Everyone's aim tbh

Third floor

Such a dead ting. Honestly, be ashamed.

Fourth floor east stair

Either a fourth floor west stair wannabe, or someone who enjoys the occasional pop over to the west stair for the chats, and then returns to east to actually get some work done. Somewhat a bit of an inspiration as you're clearly a hard worker, but also the type of person to sit on their phone and tag their friends in memes for hours. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

Fourth floor west stair

Such a social butterfly. Come on now, you're not there to work, you're there for the vibes. We've all spotted the club stamp on your wrist from the night before but somehow you're the legend who managed to still make it to the library for 9am. Inspiring stuff, really.

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Shoutout to the chats n vibes

Computer desk

Bold, but lives a minimalist lifestyle. A no fuss kind of person. Probably lives a zero waste lifestyle and jogs their way home. Either that or forgot to charge their laptop the night before and is now a complete mess. There's no in between.

Window seat (George Square)

Does the view inspire in some way? Do you need to be staring at the Hugh Robson building in order to hope you can suck up some of the knowledge that it radiates? Odd choice, but well done for bagging a window seat.

Window seat (The Meadows)

Early bird gets the worm as they say! On one hand, I'm jealous, that view at golden hour is truly something. On the other hand, get a life. You know what, how about tomorrow, you sleep in that extra half an hour and just settle for a middle seat instead. At least that way you'll be able to actually eat breakfast before having to dash to the library for 8.

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Working hard or hardly working?

Right bang in the middle

Surrounded by the sweat and tears of other students, you arrived last and now you're paying for it. You thought you could rock up after 9am and you thought wrong. Embarrassing, because now you're not sat with your friends so can't lean over to show this hilarious Instagram story you just saw.

By the lift

Who even are you? Are you just looking for a quick escape? Looking to catch a glimpse of your library crush? Or can you genuinely stand to hear 'going up' and 'doors closing' on repeat for nine hours? Either you've got the concentration of a saint, or you're deaf, because anyone who can happily sit by the lift is a braver soul than I'll ever be.

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Did revision even happen if you didn't gram it

Library Cafe

Who are you kidding? That is not work my friend, go home.

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