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You can now buy a library pin as a memento of the hours you spent there

That’s going straight in my basket

The University of Edinburgh gift shop are now selling memorabilia pins of iconic buildings at the uni, including the infamous library.

Have you ever wondered if there could be a more last memory of the tears you shed in the library and the hours you spent procrastinating writing your essay? It's good news, you can purchase this library pin keepsake for an absolute steal of just a fiver.

Luckily, the library is not the only iconic building to have been remastered in pin form. McEwan Hall, Old College and New College are amongst the new badge range too.

Now there's an iconic stocking filler if I ever did see one. Nothing says Merry Christmas like buying your flatmate a pin of the library to remind them of the time they pulled an all nighter to get their midterm in on time. The perfect token of remembrance.

At least this pin won't be tear stained from the stress of students, unlike the actual library.

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Such wonderful souvenirs

Here to hoping Appleton Tower is next on the production line.