BNOC of the Year: Round Two

It’s time for Round Two of voting for the University of Edinburgh’s BNOC of the Year

Here are our second lovely lot of Big Names. The last round received over 14,000 votes (what?!) but with 56% of the vote, Juan Matias reigned supreme heading through to the Grand Final. Commiserations to Daniel Swain, Kev Wu and Martha Selwyn you are simply Average Names on Campus, try and hold back the tears. Take a look at our nominees for Round Two…

The Entrepreneur BNOC

Name: Xan Wood

Xan Wood

This socialite is a big name on and off campus

Year: 3rd

Degree: History

“Co-creator of and juggernaut on the Edinburgh club and events scene. He’s organised everything from Moonshine Mondays and Sugarclub to Lord of the Rings and The Secret Party. If you want to know where the next big night out is, he should be your first port of call. Nothing is stopping this guy.”

The Model BNOC

Benjamin Aluwihare

Trying to look photogenic is not a problem for this model BNOC

Name: Benjamin Aluwihare

Year: 1st

Degree: Philosophy and Politics

“Feel like you’ve seen him before? That’s because you have. This fresher hasn’t stopped since he joined Edinburgh. He made waves in Footlights production of ‘Into the Heights’ as lead Usnavi and then went on to dominate the catwalk in the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show a few weeks later. Model looks, multi-talented and it’s only his first year?”


Greg Swan

Booze and a finger point, what more do you want?

Name: Greg Swan

Year: 1st

Degree: Medicine

“He’s pretty much that face of Lee house, his pictures even on the photos on the accommodation website. Makes practically every single big cheese and WhyNot? Mondays. Star of the football team, always at their Wednesday socials and despite all this, still hasn’t missed a class this year for medicine. What a guy!”

Top Cat BNOC

Library Cat

Sassy smolder straight down the camera

Name: Library Cat

“As soon as he sets foot outside the library café, the girls start swarming, phones start Instagramming and the ‘awws’ never stop. Edinburgh University Library’s own celebrity, Louise from Made in Chelsea was no match for him. This cool cat does what he wants, when he wants and nothing can phase him. He prowls around like he owns the campus and is the true King of the Library.”

The Tab got in touch with Library Cat following his BNOC nomination to find out a bit more about what he does in his spare time and received this response:

I, Library Cat, am flattered by the attention from BNOC. However, I associate not with feline societies, nor degrees.

I do not have friends, either.

Best wishes,                                 

Library Cat

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