Caroline Dodds

Uni staff back fossil fuel divestment movement

Pressure is on for Edinburgh suits to take divestment seriously next month

University’s investment in fossil fuel is costing us millions

Four million to be exact

An English guide to Burns Night

Just go with it

Join The Tab Edinburgh for next term

Applications are now open to join The Tab Edinburgh next semester

#Edinburghuni: The most uni things to happen on Instagram

Reassuring your mates back home you have loads of cool new friends

Meadows rapist E-fit released

“This was a dreadful experience for the victim. It is essential we trace this man as soon as possible.”

The Burgh is Best

Here are the real reasons why the Burgh is the best place to study…

Bachelors of the Big Cheese

We found out what’s on offer for our uni’s single ladies

Edinburgh offering online football course

It’s like sport – but for lazy people

Drunk and disorderly: Your favourite takeaways tell all

‘The most shocking thing I’ve seen is girls selling themselves for food’

I’m selling my name for art

Definitely not for attention

Edinburgh drops out of top 20 UK unis

Our student satisfaction is shit…again

Edinburgh University academic disappears

Fergus McInnes, from Newington went missing in Geneva last week

Do you care about the uni killing 160,000 rodents a year?

There are plenty of activists who do

This 12-year-old is better at your degree than you

And she has better hair

BNOC of the Year: Round 3

The third lot of Big Names on Campus

BNOC of the Year: Round Two

It’s time for Round Two of voting for the University of Edinburgh’s BNOC of the Year

BNOC of the Year 2014: Round One

Round One of Voting for Edinburgh’s BNOC of the Year

Edinburgh Students Rack Up Over A Million Pounds in Library Fine Payments

We know you can’t graduate without paying them, but just how much money is the library making from our disorganisation?

Scotland’s strippers reveal all in new documentary

Channel 4 have made a documentary series showing the lives of strippers in Glasgow, Aberdeen and, the city with the most concentrated number of strip clubs in the UK, Edinburgh.

The Humans of Edinburgh

Ollie Buchanan and Zishan Ashraf are taking over Facebook at the moment with their page ‘The Humans of Edinburgh’. But who are the humans behind the ‘Humans of Edinburgh’?

Scottish Parliament Pass Same-sex Marriage Bill

Scotland becomes nineteenth country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage.

Chinese Warriors Invade Old College

90 Chinese warrior lanterns have been put on display in the Old College quad to celebrate Chinese New Year

100 Years of Happy Feet at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo holding ‘Penguin Awareness Week’ to commemorate 100 years of having penguins here in Scotland.

10 things you can’t get away with in Second Year

Semester One is almost over, those of you still hanging on to your fresher lifestyles might want to reconsider some things..

Malala Yousafzai receives Honorary Degree from Ex-Prime Minister in Edinburgh

Courageous school girl, who was shot by the Taliban this time last year, received an honorary Master of the Arts degree from Gordon Brown today.

Panda Watch: Edinburgh Panda Loses Baby

Edinburgh Zoo will no more be welcoming a baby panda.

“I Wanna Live Like Common People”

Pulp sang it, Edinburgh are living it. I want to know why Edinburgh’s poshest are trying so hard to dress like hobos.