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Matthew Hedges has been pardoned by the UAE with immediate effect

He was sentenced to life five days ago

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Durham PhD student Matthew Hedges has been pardoned with immediate effect by the UAE. He was previously given a life sentence, accused of spying on behalf of the British government.

It was announced at a press conference in Abu Dhabi. It has been suggested that this follows Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt's intervention. Hunt had claimed to have had a "constructive" conversation with the UAE Foreign Minister on Sunday.

This follows six months after Hedges's initial arrest. He has been kept in solitary confinement and only last week, received a life sentence.

During this time, several universities severed ties with the UAE. His wife launched a public campaign to draw attention to her husband's treatment. An online petition was started, amassing over 200,000 signatures and creating a wave of support around Hedges's case.