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Engineering students are ‘outraged’ as department makes three mistakes in one exam

One of the mistakes was revealed just 15 minutes before the end of the exam

Durham second-year Engineering students are furious after finding three errors in their Electronics 2 exam this afternoon, Thursday 10 May.

Before the exam, students were told that two out of four questions contained errors. These were written on the board but already created a sense of trepidation in the exam hall.

It was not until fifteen minutes before the end of the two-hour exam that someone came into the exam hall to tell students about the error in the fourth question.

By this time, many students had wasted valuable time trying to figure out the solution to the impossible-to-answer question.

Katy Matthews, Josephine Butler, told The Tab Durham: "It is ridiculous that the exam was nearly finished before the third error was realised. Evidently, no one had proof read the paper resulting in more incorrect questions that correct ones. Something needs to be done. I demand a refund. Or a first."

Joe Wilderspin, Cuths, said: "Not only were there two errors that we were informed of at the beginning of the exam, but students discovered a third, quite crucial, error with half an hour to go. Not ideal."

James, Grey, said: "Lots of people didn't finish and are saying that's the reason why, which is fair."

These errors come in the wake of last year’s blunder in first year Philosophy who were told the wrong number of questions in their Knowledge and Reality exam.

Last year's Philosophy students had been told throughout the year that they’d have to answer three questions in two hours, but the exam paper stated that they should only answer two.

The Engineering department have been contacted for comment.