Durham BNOC of the Year: The Finalists

The final round for this year’s biggest name is here

Your votes are in and here are the six best known names in Durham. Vote for your preferred BNOC so the King, or Queen, of the year 2015-2016 can be crowned.

Digby Walker, Cuth’s, 3rd/4th Year

Our absolute classic, naturally Digby is in our final pick of Durham’s favs.

A talented self-stylist with a head of hair so beaut it makes Beyonce jealous, this BNOC can be found out nearly every night of the week or on the rugby pitch.

He is truly a survivor having, being at Durham longer than the rest of you. He also once sang the jigglypuff Pokemon song repeatedly for 30 minutes, whilst dressed as a jigglypuff.

Hannah Speed, Van Mildert, 1st Year

This beauty has been in national press when her parents made the savvy decision to rent out her bedroom at home on Air BnB.

She is described by her admirers as fierce and sassy. As the Queen of Durham’s debating circles, she is not a force to be reckoned with.

Archie Dawson, John’s, 4th Year

Archie is arguably one of our most charming BNOC finalists.

Former John’s Bar Chair, he is big on the social scene and is a match for Digby’s fashion icon status, being an admirer of eccentric chinos and all things tartan.

This gent is popular amongst Durham’s ladies and is not shy of a few pints. Although he reportedly prefers a nice bottle of Veuve Cliquot or two.

DMT (aka Daniel Morgan-Thomas), Aidans, 4th Year 

This television star is possibly our biggest and greatest mind in the finals.

He is a popular figure across the university, having run for DSU President in 2014 and thrashed Oxford in University Challenge.

He has also been Student Ambassador for History, meaning he is a rare figure who has managed to break those college boundaries.

Mike Dennison, Cuth’s, 3rd Year

Mike is one of our most creative BNOCs, after having launched his own photography and cinematography business.

He is involved in literally nearly every college due to being the official photographer for most events.

He has even landed himself some pretty massive gigs, such as the Durham University Charity Fashion Shows and Champagne Soc events.

Willy Anggono, Collingwood, 1st Year

This big name is one of our most loveable characters at Durham (literally: he is Collingwood’s Hugmaster General).

His fans, of which there are plenty, describe him as “The People’s Choice”, due to his big personality and his semi-naked sober dances in Collingwood accommodation.

He is also an infamous talent for his impressive singing abilities and his photography.