Let it go: Which college serves the most frozen food?

Jamie Oliver would be devastated

Chefs at Durham colleges are serving up thousands of pounds worth of frozen food at every meal, while charging high prices.

The cost of frozen food, however, proves that although cheap – we’re not fed for less than £3 a day.

The Tab’s can exclusively reveal:

  • Collingwood splashed out on over £80,000 worth of frozen food 
  • Cheapo Cuth’s only spent £29,894. 14 last year 
  • Van Mildert slashed costs by more than £13k from 2012/13 to last year 
  • Cuth’s and Aidan’s have increased their frozen food spend 

It comes after The Tab revealed the shocking costs of potatoes in colleges this week. Check out how much frozen food your college will treat you this year:

John Snow and Stephenson refused to hand over data, and Ustinov and JoBo are self-catered and therefore shouldn’t have a budget for frozen food.

As always, Chad’s and John’s don’t have to hand over data because they’re strong independent colleges that don’t need no university.