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Charles White
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Theresa May’s rise to power isn’t a victory for women

She’s not doing LGBT people any favours either

Durham WON’T comment on the EU Referendum

“It’s not the Durham way”

‘Kill joy’ DSU bans campaign satirical video

It was satire

DSU politicians accused of ‘stitch up’ in NUS email scandal

You will keep your NUS card

Desperate NUS emails begging Durham to stay

The email was sent to everyone on the NUS Extra mailing list

‘Rip off’ Durham: campus cards cost just 72 PENCE

They charge a tenner

Exams ‘postponed’ as power cut plunges Durham into darkness

One invigilator said: ‘Have a nap or something’

Anyone who thinks Dubai is ‘soulless’ is ignorant

‘It’s a myriad of cultures, working together in tight proximity’

Nazi Graffiti targets Durham student homes and boathouses

They wrote ‘Rape Ali’ on Moatside

When will vegans understand we’re not all rich

Eat a BLT and piss off

Mildert demands ‘immediate removal’ of pictures of HERONS

It’s ‘unsettling’ apparently

Durham ‘student leaders’ call for disaffiliation from NUS

They’re not happy

Have we not realised dissertation selfies are painfully cringe?

Adding ‘obligatory’ does not make it better

Shaheen’s LOSE their alcohol licence

We’ll have to bring our own booze then

Sheffield postgrad expelled for anti-gay marriage rant needs our support

Are gays that don’t support gay marriage homophobic?


The people have spoken

Dreamy Collingwood strips for charity fashion show

Got Wood?

VC claims more than £10,000 in expenses

All in it together?

Quitting smoking ruined my life

My teeth got really white

Homophobic leaflets sent to vocal LGBT students

He’s back

Durham is ‘not prepared’ for zombies or a Scottish invasion

Go to the Swan, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this to all blow over

‘Personality’ based Castle shows how to do it

Personality also means fit

‘Things must change’: Jade Azim starts DSU campaign

‘I’m telling them to piss off’

We asked single people what they’re doing on Valentine’s

Pornhub is getting a visit

‘I was the first customer’ – Pret opens doors in Durham

He ordered a hot chocolate

VICTORY: Durham gets Snapchat filter

This is important

Humanised emojis are the only way to speak to your friends

This is SO unicorn

We played ‘Would You Rather’ with people after lectures

Stockton or cut your arm off?

Snapchat REALLY doesn’t like Durham: geo-filters rejected multiple times

This is getting ridiculous now

We asked what Spice Girl would you be and why

It’s Durham – take a guess

It’s time Durham got a Snapchat filter of its own

Even Warwick has one

Theology professor denies charge of downloading indecent images of children

Professor Hayward left last year

Don’t panic: colleges receive counter-terrorism training

We’re probably safe though

Billy B fines us the equivalent of nearly 50,000 quaddies

Think how much legend that would buy you

Durham has the ‘most affordable’ houses but living-in fees WILL rise


Should the press ‘hang their heads in shame’ over Louis Richardson?

He was found not guilty on Tuesday, but his life will never be the same

Louis Richardson CLEARED of rape and sexual assault

The ex-DUS secretary found not guilty

‘Fat Cat’ Vice-Chancellor paid thousands – but fees WILL go up

Salary blamed on ‘transitional arrangement’

Bill Clinton LOVES Durham Cathedral and wants to babysit for Blair

Blair drank in Durham’s ‘local workman’s club’

The ex-DUS secretary is in court over alleged rape

Louis Michael Richardson is accused of rape and sexual assault

I watched the fire in Dubai from my balcony and it was terrifying

It was engulfed in flames within just five minutes

Why are Jack Wills giving us a lift home in a Land Rover

They’re calling it a Landy

Collingwood kick off the Naked Calendar season

You got Wood yet?

Five Durham grads lose out on Eggheads but win a few middle aged admirers

They’re all really fit

It’s time to ban black tie across Durham

We’re not Doxbridge and we’re not in the 1830s

Living in college fees surge to £7,000

My room’s freezing, why aren’t my fees?

Mark Hillery and his unlimited card returns to cause chaos in Collingwood Bar

The bar was five rows deep

Is this the worst college room in Durham?

They break glass outside my window at 9am every day

Going to Kink Soc was a great bonding experience

The society is known as DiCKS

Paradise Disco to close and ‘head back to Hawaii’

Who goes out on Mondays?

Elitism, bitterness and stash: The Exiles exposed

‘Wealth and Friends: Why choose?’

Collingwood gave everyone free sparkling wine when they opened the new kitchen

Is this peak Durham?

Pole-hogging on the Tube is annoying for everyone, not just women

Poles are for dancing not hogging

Ricci from Geordie Shore tried to start a fight with me in Klute

Klute’s manager bought us a drink to say sorry

Aidan’s got the rug taken out beneath their feet – then found it

The porters were not impressed

Homophobic leaflets distributed by loony Christians in Durham

It was called ‘The Perfumed Sewer’

Durham has the best police in the country… apparently


Five third years went to the new Bond film dressed in tuxedos

They were given free tickets

Colleges spent £20,000 keeping the rats and pests away in the last three years

Hatfield splashed out more than anyone

Milo Yiannopoulos and Julie Bindel will NOT speak – but Durham didn’t ban them

The uni is reconsidering their request

DU Rugby Socials banned from ALL college bars for the rest of term

Spitting, chanting and vomiting

Freezing Durham shivers at the shock cost of heating

Ice Ice Baby

Let it go: Which college serves the most frozen food?

Jamie Oliver would be devastated

Banned Milo Yiannopoulos and Julie Bindel to debate in Durham

Suck it Manchester

Colleges spend £100,000 on potatoes in just one year

Mash ’em, boil ’em, stick ’em in a stew

Linguists are feckless posers who don’t know the meaning of a real degree

‘Ou est la gare?’

Tatler’s guide to Durham underestimates how posh we really are

My father will be hearing about this

‘No cause for concern’ after river scare at Elvet Bridge

A police dog was deployed as a precaution

Blackout ruins Butler’s first formal

Freshers had to pre in the corridor

Billy B is sorting you into Hogwarts houses

Dumbledore wouldn’t stand for this

How to spend literally every waking minute of your day

A really helpful and accurate guide by an Oxford scientist

Durham rises AGAIN to 70th in World Rankings

Didn’t we do well?

Railings and lights finally installed in river safety campaign victory

About time

Who steals the most food from their housemates?

It was only a bit of milk

Queuing for days to wait for the new iPhone isn’t weird, it’s just boring

We spoke to some of the die-hard Apple fans camping on Regent Street

The government’s social media dictionary couldn’t be more out of touch if it tried

GNOC for me yeah?

Freshers keep introducing themselves in Facebook groups…why?

I don’t understand what they’re trying to achieve

LGBT community need to stop stonewalling Stonewall

There are bigger things to care about than a two-and-a-half minute movie trailer

Closeted gays: I’ll out you, and I won’t feel bad about it

Come out, come out wherever you are

‘Lord Coke’ is Durham grad and his wife is university secretary

Her profile has now disappeared from our website

I went an ENTIRE YEAR without booze

And I didn’t even lose any weight

If you’re straight you need to stop using rainbow profile pics

It’s the worst kind of slacktivism

You can now test yourself for HIV at home and get an answer in 15 minutes

No more awkward conversations with the sexual health nurse

Freshers to have compulsory consent classes next term

Just like at Oxford and Cambridge

The ‘never have I ever’ alcohol awareness campaign will definitely work

What do you take out?

Best clubbers: Champagne Soc Ball edition

The most classic edition yet mate

These are the best dressed from last night’s Champagne Society Ball

Ball so hard

Durham held its first ever Pride parade this weekend

Look at all the rainbows

Best bums: The results 2015

A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$

The freshers are coming: Durham’s offer holders group

Anyone here from Guildford?

Best clubbers: Locals edition

They have a better time than we do

Castle kills Azeem’s dreams: They WON’T livestream it tonight

They couldn’t sort out security in time

Castle’s Great Hall will live stream Azeem’s huge flute show TOMORROW

Saturday, 10.20 PM, Castle: be there

Second year appears to be en route to Azeem’s flute gig in Los Angeles

‘I’m not one to miss a flute recital, especially one of this magnitude’

Bang out of order: Grey condom machines broken

‘We strongly recommend you check the date on them before use’

The real royal baby is actually in the Bill Bryson right now

Move over Wills and Kate

Now police chief declares war on ‘criminally negligent’ supermarkets

We caught up with Mike Barton after yesterday’s panel discussion

River deaths could be work of ‘serial killer’, says UKIP candidate

John Leathley studies at Queen’s Campus in Stockton

Durham police fly helicopter at MIDNIGHT after man breaks window

It’s revision season ffs

Fences are of ‘limited use’: Results of river safety review revealed

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’ findings announced

Durham police declare war on Klute