Emma Yeo

Emma Yeo
Durham University


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Find out how screwed you are according to last year’s results

The answer is very

Over a third of Durham students came from elite schools

Shock horror

We spoke to the people behind Grey’s tribute to the Paris attacks

‘I’ve been to the Bataclan. It could have been me.’

We spoke to students protesting against the high cost of accommodation

It’s really not fair

Nearly 40 per cent of Hild Bede are from the Home Counties

How Home Counties is your college?

Can you tell college food from prison meals?

Bet you can’t

‘It’s very surreal: Durham’s Jonny Giles becomes a professional footballer

I didn’t even know who I was playing against

Pulling out during sex can be just as good a contraceptive as using a condom

Research is claiming you’re no more likely to get pregnant

A look inside the Chelsea apartments being snapped up by rich international students

Some of them cost more than £600 a week

How close have you been to having a threesome?

Sexy secrets

Thai student murders: DNA on weapon does not match suspects

The killer may not have been caught

What’s your biggest secret?

It’s too dark to tell you

Meet the SU officer who is also a part-time painter

She’s even been able to sell a few

Baking mad: DULOG take Bake Off show to the Fringe

Because Bake Off isn’t elitist

The new Quaddie rules at Klute and what they mean for you

‘There’s nothing to say people are crawling on all fours out of the premises’

Tab election poll: Durham digs Dave

How is everyone else in your college voting? We’ve got the facts

John Leathley ‘fears for safety’ of his family after receiving death threats

‘Most of the abuse I have received so far has been from the left’

‘Without the students, Durham city would die’: When we met ‘AlcoholHarmCop’ Mick Urwin

He’s alright

Durham spent almost £170k on art last year

Imagine if they’d spent it on the Economics department

LIVE: ‘How can we keep students safe?’ panel discussion

Durham is the only uni to have three student river deaths in 14 months. Community leaders discuss why between 3-5pm today

Is this the looniest person you could vote for in Durham next week?

‘I don’t have any chance of getting elected’

Shock poll reveals Durham finalists plan to vote Tory

With a middle-class reputation, Durham students have been identified as ‘true blue’

Our new VC is Professor Stuart Corbridge

He’s from LSE

These rugby boys brought their pet goldfish to the college fashion show

Something fishy happened at Castle Fashion Show

We chatted education, gay marriage and racism with UKIP candidate John Leathley

He wants to bring back mining

Nubile young coeds receive filthy email from Hatfield welfare

They’ve come up with a novelty way of relieving summative stress

Collingwood is getting rid of 90% of the books in its library

Who really comes to Durham for all that fancy book learning anyway?

It’s not just students who drink: What police stats show about alcohol and Durham

Drunk and disorderly arrests were higher in July and August – when most students were at home – than during September and October when Freshers’ Week fell

Now cops fine Durham student rescued from river

The sum of the fixed penalty notice is not known

Amnesty International Soc hold Vigil for Freedom of Speech

The vigil was to ‘highlight the unwarranted curtailment of freedom of expression which is occurring worldwide’

Tributes pour in for Amateur Rowing Coach who suffered medical condition on river

He passed away by the river and was airlifted to hospital

Durham fresher’s mum smashes river fundraising target

Anonymous donor gives £1000 to fund improvements to the safety of the Wear

Durham accommodation protesters blast increasing housing fees

The rent is too damn high

We bought a tarantula but had to sell him because he scared our housemates

He can skateboard

Durham fresher’s mum raises funds for river safety improvements

‘How many deaths does it need to take before it’s realised it’s not just drunken students?’ asks Janis Penn

Aidan’s JCR candidate canned for joke ‘pints for a penny’ pledge

They don’t get it

Now Durham clubs will breathalyse you on entry

This blows

Police chief: We don’t need to fence off the river – just don’t get so paralytically drunk

Durham river safety and drinking focus of BBC and ITV reports

Can Durham students find Durham on a map?

We asked some Durham students what they know about the world outside the bubble

Rescue team formed ‘human chain’ to pull Durham Uni student from river

Police credit ‘reckless consumption of alcohol’ as a key feature

Why are No More Page 3 claiming Durham Uni backs them?

Union reps ‘can’t recall’ a formal vote on Page 3 or The Sun

Euan Coulthard’s family pay tribute to their ‘friendly and outgoing’ son

Pro-Vice Chancellor says ‘no stone will be left unturned’ in bid to boost student safety

Council set to re-evaluate river safety

‘We will identify any areas where safety may need to be changed’

Durham No More Page 3 campaigners celebrate axing of topless women

No nips have appeared on The Sun’s page 3 since Saturday