The real royal baby is actually in the Bill Bryson right now

Move over Wills and Kate

Forget the newborn Windsor girl, the real bundle of joy is in the Bill Bryson library. 

Teddy Edwards, four months, stepped out into the library in stylish baby-blue sling with his second year mum, Anna Edwards.

Wills and Kate’s baby girl, who was born today weighing in at 8lbs 3oz, is fourth in line to the throne — but Teddy is first in line to our hearts.


Teddy's library card

Theologian Anna has already spoken about juggling life as a student and a young mum.

Now as exam season nears, Anna has been taken her adorable baby boy to the library when she revises.

Sweetheart Teddy is known as “Library Baby” across campus and has his very own big-boy library card.

Teddy the Theologian

Last year Anna, 21, had to postpone her exams because of morning sickness.

She said: “My exams coincided with the height of morning sickness. I was supposed to do six, but only ended up doing two.

“I threw up in one and had to leave another to throw up.

“The uni didn’t know what to do with me at first as they just hadn’t dealt with someone like me.

“It’s unusual. They had no changing facilities, no maternity leave, no nursing in place. It took a long time to going back and forwards to get their head round the situation.”

Best of luck this time.