What NOT to wear

Emily Benton looks into some of Durham’s current fashion trends that need to stay inside the comfort of our own rooms…

Following such a beautiful weekend in our Durham bubble, the sunny weather has demanded a rethink of our Epiphany wardrobes, leaving us puzzled, perplexed and ultimately perturbed as to what to wear.

So we recreated some of the more confused fashion statements that have been seen on the streets over the past few days, to show you some of the DON’Ts when it comes to dressing for this time of year.

The Stash

Wearing stash from head to toe… Yes or no?

The ‘Stash Statement’ is certainly something that can be seen all year round and one Durham trend which we are certainly always in awe of… How do these super-human students manage to juggle so much alongside a degree?! However, in terms of fashion, we’re thinking of re-opening the ‘Great Stash Debate’ and encouraging our most active students to wear something non-stash alongside their favourite Durham apparel. We think you’d agree that head to toe in stash is just a little bit overwhelming.

The Try-Hard

Abercrombie/Hollister/Hunters and a preppy shirt. How very ‘University’.

It seems as though some of us didn’t account for any good weather at all during Epiphany and we were surprised to see wellies, (yes Hunter wellies) making their appearance around town this weekend, teamed with many ‘quintessentially University’ Abercrombie garments. DON’T get stuck in a rut with dark colours and Winter footwear; instead, DO embrace a layered look for Spring with a preppy shirt and add a pop of colour to your outfit!

The Denim

Overdoing the denim.

Springtime inevitably brings with it the return of the denim jacket, as we shrug off our woollen coats for something more weather appropriate. However, with the possibility of denim outerwear now in the mix, it becomes very easy to overdo it. If you do dare to wear the Canadian Tuxedo, or double denim as we more often refer to it, try wearing your jacket in contrast, with some light-wash pale blue or white bottoms, to encapsulate the spring mood. Otherwise, if you’re not prepared to brave a full-on denim look, make a statement with some distressed, ripped jeans, or even some edgy dungarees.

The Festival

Freezing in festival get-up. It’s only March… don’t go bare legged too soon!

It is certainly true that as soon as the sun burns through the clouds, repeated cries of ‘SKY’S OUT, THIGHS OUT’ echo around the city. Indeed, it seems that looking up at stretches of beautiful blue has fooled us into thinking we’ve skipped out Spring fashion completely and we saw a sea of brave bare legs and goosebumps over the weekend. It might be 20°C in London, but last time we checked, it was still March and pretty chilly up North!

The Onesie

Spotted: A Strawberry and a Panda. ‘The Onesie’ is thoroughly appropriate indoors, but perhaps not in Dunelm.

Finally, we looked at where it’s appropriate to crack out ‘The Onesie’. Apparently, it remains a common sight in Dunelm, but now that the sun is up before our 9 o’clock lectures, we think it’s better saved for the confines of our student living quarters!

How are you making a fashion statement in this lovely Spring weather?