Strong performance by all in Friday night’s Collingwood fashion show

Laura Jayne Iddles was at Collingwood’s Fashion Show on Friday Night

This year’s Collingwood fashion may not have been as good as last year, but as far and college fashion shows go it was up there with the best – music, dance and of course models; what more could you want?

The show started out with live band The Quays; relatively new on the music scene of Durham, they certainly had the key to my heart with fun music and some great trumpet solo. However some members of the audience could be overheard saying they could do with a makeover themselves, maybe they weren’t as aesthetically pleasing as you would expect at a fashion show.

Took a week of dehydration, but it was worth it…

Throughout the fashion show various videos were projected onto stage. The first of which included the exec and models singing along to Kid Rock’s “I want to be a rockstar” but it was the second video that stole the show. It saw the evenings two compères Jonny East and Ollie Silverton have a go at recreating some popular music videos – props to Mr East for some nudity.

The third video followed a similar theme and included George Pearson and Fred Swift and was shot and edited by Ellen Miles, both the choreographer and voted ‘hottest model’ of the show.

The face of Josh Golding says it all

The walks were well choreographed and entertaining, initially the music was a little slow (one music enthusiast described the sound as a ‘majestic casual playlist’) however by walk five the music had picked up and everyone had sunk enough wine to completely let their hair down.

The clothing was a little hit and miss at times, with some very unusual items in the first walk by Mimic clothing. The brand of the evening was De Mouilpied, projecting a festival edge vibe (they’re also offering Durham students a discount with online discount code DURHAM at, so definitely worth checking them out!)

Not your usual Durham attire,

The university dance troupe performed the same routine they did at the DUCFS, dress in the same attire. Due to a cock up in the music they failed twice to finish their contemporary routine and had to leave the stage somewhat embarrassed.

Alex Morris: possibly the campest guy alive

The troupe returned for their second performance of the night, which also was featured in the DUCFS. The hip-hop dance competition team however took the dancing to a whole new level. There was a fantastic dance solo from Collingwood’s finest Lizzie Yentumi, and the whole audience were itching to join in.

Pat on the back, girls

The auction alone raised a hell of a lot of money, with a table at the Spring ball going for £360, and two tickets to a Newcastle game in the press suite going for £220. All in all the evening was a huge success raising over £5000 for charity CRY, the charity is close to Collingwoods’ heart as they lost student Sara Pilkington due to heart disease, all of the money raised from the evening will go to her fund at charity Cardiac Risk in the Young.

Special congratulations has to to organisers Anna Gorska and Christelle Dahinden and all the exec for pulling off a great fashion show.

Kyri Pittalis – “these girls give the uni fashion show models a run for their money”