To Infinity and Beyond!

Hannah Earnshaw, a PhD astronomy student at Durham, looks set to take part in a one-way mission to Mars.

Hannah has progressed to the second stage of a selection process aiming to establish a human settlement on Mars.

The Mars One mission hopes to create a permanent settlement on the red planet from 2025, with crews of four departing every two years. Hannah has beat more than 200,000 applicants from all over the world to reach stage two along with 1,057 other hopefuls who will eventually be whittled down to a lucky 24.

“Fuck you, Emperor Zurg!”

With sophisticated technology and enough funding Hannah’s childhood dream looks set to become reality. In an interview with ITV, she discussed the scientific and social significance of the research.

Mars One describes the mission as ‘the stepping stone of the human race on its voyage into the universe,’ and suggests that ‘exploring the solar system as a united humanity will bring us all closer together.’ All  of us except those on Mars, who won’t be coming back.

Klute included. Probably.

The vital research the astronauts will conduct should improve our ‘understanding of the origins of the solar system, the origins of life and our place in the universe,’ and they hope a legacy of ‘anything-is-possible’ will be left for generations to come.

Funding for Mars One is in progress and donations can be made through the website here. This one-way mission is more than one small step, but with the “invaluable” support of her family, Hannah hopes to stay, live, and build a home on Mars.

Who are you to call her crazy?