Coventry medical students helped man who had a seizure on the side of the road

The two students helped the man before emergency services were called

Two Coventry medical students stopped to help a man who had a seizure at the side of a busy road in Coventry.

When the man collapsed on the street, the two students stopped to assist him alongside an off-duty nurse before emergency services were called. 

A Coventry resident, who goes by Sheila, thanked paramedics for arriving to the scene so quickly.

The resident also thanked the NHS for their efforts and quick arrival to the scene, saying they tended to the emergency in just “15 minutes”. 

Sheila wrote on Twitter: “Stopped to assist a man who collapsed with a seizure on a very busy road in Coventry today. A nurse & 2 med students were also there, and the Paramedics arrived within 15 mins.

“We are so fortunate to have these wonderful people. Thank you to them & to @OFFICIALWMAS”

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