The Coventry Tab is looking for new writers and we want you!

Our open meeting is next week and you don’t need any experience


Looking to meet new people, publish articles that reach thousands of students and be the first to know all the gossip at Coventry? The Coventry Tab is back and we are looking for new writers, meme-makers, TikTok creators and social media experts to join our team.

The Tab is the the biggest student news site in the country with teams at over 30 different universities. We help break the biggest student stories across the country as well as creating fun and entertaining online content.

The Coventry Tab is written by Coventry students, for Coventry students. You can find out all about The Coventry Tab and how to join at our first open meeting over Zoom on Thursday 29th September at 5pm. You can join the meeting here or DM us on Instagram to find out more.

Whether you are an aspiring journalist, hilarious writer, meme-maker or live and breathe TikTok, anyone and everyone is welcome to come along and meet our Assistant Editor from The Tab HQ. And the best bit is: you don’t need any experience.

First of all, what actually is The Tab?

The Tab is a student news site across over 30 UK universities, with over 10 million monthly readers. Writing for The Coventry Tab, we’ll share your stories to our The Coventry Tab Facebook and Instagram pages where we have over 7,500 combined followers.

We’re passionate about writing stories for students that they actually care about in a style they actually enjoy reading. There is no limit to the range of stories we cover, we post a bunch of fun features whilst always looking for the next big scoop.

If your stories are so good we think students across the UK should see them, they’ll get crossposted on all our Tab pages, exposing them to a much wider audience.

We break the biggest stories on campus. We have published articles on students setting fire to their accommodation with an exclusive video. We tracked down the Coventry student posing as ‘Fake Taxi’. 

We exposed the Coventry University cricket group chat where they rated the girls they’d slept with. And we even interviewed Jason Fox, the face behind popular Coventry nightclub JJ’s.

We also do fun features, like ranking all of Cov students’ hottest confessions, taking a deep dive into all the things on Coventry’s Craiglist and predicting whether or not you’ll get a first from Cov uni.

Why The Tab?

Why should you write for us? Modern news media is moving away from print, and writing for us means your stories will reach thousands of readers.

The Coventry Tab is a great way to get involved in a range of opportunities. Absolutely no experience is needed – we’ll train you up! There’s no commitment, and you can write as much or as little as you want around your uni studies and deadlines.

The team works with an Assistant Editor who is a professional journalist based at The Tab HQ in London. They provide training in the basics of reporting, and quality advice on how to make your writing stand out that you won’t get anywhere else; to help you develop as journalists and produce the best digital content you can.

The Tab alumni frequently go on to work for famous publications all over the world, including VICE, The Times, and Vogue. Former Tab student writers have go on to jobs at The Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Express, Spectator and Cosmopolitan.

The former Coventry Tab editor-in-chief, Maddy Mussen, now writes for The Evening Standard and has been featured in The Times, The Sunday Times and The Guardian.

Maddy says: “It’s one of the best things I ever did for my career, in fact I would say it’s probably the best thing I ever did for my career was joining The Tab. If you are interested in joining journalism at all or you want to join a society where other like-minded fun people are around or you like writing, then just fucking do it. What have you got to lose?

“I think that Coventry has a very rich story to tell. It doesn’t have a massive student media outlet. Stories in Coventry are ripe for the picking basically. So much weird shit goes on in Coventry that needs to be written about. It might be a weird place but it’s our weird place and we love it and hate it in equal measure.”

If you’re looking to get into media, look no further for great experience that leads to fantastic opportunities. Basically, if you want to get your work into the nationals and even go on to work for one, write for The Coventry Tab.

Not looking for a career in media? Writing for The Tab offers experience and skills in a range of areas, no matter what you want to do.

How can I get involved?

We are having an open meeting on Thursday 29th September at 5pm via Zoom. DM us on Instagram to find out more. You can also contact us through our Facebook page.

We’re particularly encouraging students from minority backgrounds to sign up. If you feel like journalism isn’t typically accessible for people from your background, please do get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

No experience is needed and there isn’t even an application process, just get drop us a message if you’re interested and we’ll get you writing. You’ll have guidance from experienced editors to get you up and running, whether news, features, video or social media is your thing.

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