Confirmed: The first day of strike action at Coventry University is in just two weeks time

Strikes will begin on February 1st

The UCU has confirmed that the first day of industrial action affecting Coventry students will begin on February 1st, in just under two weeks time.

Last week it was announced that over 70,000 staff at 150 universities across the UK would strike for 18 days over February and March.

It was confirmed that staff at Coventry University will take part in the strike action due to continued disputes over pay, pensions, and work conditions, among other things.

Now, the union has announced the strikes will begin on Wednesday, 1st February with the dates for the further 17 days of strikes to be announced next week.

This date coincides with the TUC’s “protect the right to strike” day, a protest against the Conservative government’s plans to introduce strict anti-strike measures through parliament. Five unions, including UCU, NEU, ASLEF, PCS and RMT, have already confirmed they will be join this day of action.

These 18 days of upcming strikes will make a total of 21 days of industrial action so far this academic year after staff went on strike for three days before Christmas. To put that into perspective, academic year 21-22 experienced 18 days of strike in total action for the entire year. A Tab investigation this summer found Russell Group unis saved £11million in withheld pay whilst lecturers were on strike last university year.

UCU general secretary Jo Grady said: “Whilst the cost-of-living crisis rages, university vice-chancellors are dragging their feet and refusing to use the vast wealth in the sector to address over a decade of falling pay, rampant casualisation and massive pension cuts.

“On 1 February, 70,000 university staff will walk out alongside fellow trade unions and hundreds of thousands of other workers to demand their fair share.

“UCU remains committed to reaching a negotiated settlement, but if university employers don’t get serious and fast, more strike action fill follow in February and March.”

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