These are all the spooky Coventry locations you need to know about this Halloween

It’s spooky season ppl

Coventry is full of history so it’s no surprise so many places are said to be home to things that go bump in the night. Those of us from in and around the city have grown up with the (true?) stories of what lurks in Coventry after dark, from sightings of hooded monks to poltergeists.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, stories of the cities ghosts will be sure to send a shiver down your spine. What better way to spend a lockdown Halloween than sharing scary stories of Coventry and looking for spirits (we’re not talking about the vodka housemates have hidden from you).

Mixing spirits obviously 

Off to drink some spirits

Now known for selling the spirits you drink, the Slug & Lettuce actually used to be a court house. Having been built in 1783-4, it’s no surprise people have witnessed dark figures around the bar. Further to this, there used to be an adjoining jail on Trinity Lane, do their spirits remain today haunting the bar, unhappy about their fate? Who knows.

Mary Ball, the last person who was publicly hanged in Coventry for poisoning her husband (1849) is also rumoured to haunt here. It’s up to you to decide, are these stories true, or are they the tales of people who have had one too many.

Think twice before you go to this pub next

Scary? Or the coolest ghost you’ve ever seen?

Don’t let the renovations fool you, the Golden Cross is older than you think. The kitchen where ghostly figures are rumoured to be seen, used to be a prison cell, maybe the spirits of unhappy prisoners are still lurking. There are reports of strange noises around the pub and is said to be one of the most haunted places in Coventry.

Years ago you could go on ghost hunts here and it was never a boring night, something would always happen. So why not go on a trip here (following Covid-19 rules) and see what you experience. Personally, I wouldn’t mind being forever trapped in a pub.

Walking with the ghosts

Look closely….. what do you see?

Not far outside Coventry stands Coombe Abbey. It is a lovely day out with the family when they come to visit, but after dark that’s when the place truly comes alive. Now a hotel and park, Coombe Abbey used to be a monastery, which explains the stories of monks being seen around the grounds. The spirits of a Victorian woman and a horseman are also said to reside on the property. Poltergeist activity has also been experienced within the hotel, which rumour has it, is a monk angry about being murdered.

Knights are scary here

A building this old would be full of ghosts

Warwick Castle offers a lot of fun activities for families during the day, but during the night it’s a whole different story. People who have done ghost hunts here have felt like they’ve been pushed or grabbed, have witnessed strange lights and have seen objects being thrown in the dungeon.

People also see strange apparitions all over the grounds and there have been reports of hearing growls in the dungeon. Warwick Castle has even been visited by the famous TV show Most Haunted (2006) and would definitely turn a skeptic into a believer. It is definitely not a place for the faint hearted.

The dead never rest

London Road Cemetery, not far from War Memorial Park holds a spooky story. A boy was meant to be staying at a friends however his father found out he was lying and was actually spending Halloween night in the cemetery. As he entered the graveyard he saw two hooded figures walking up towards the mausoleum so he stayed quiet and hidden and sped up to scare who he thought was his son and friend.

He caught up and was less than two meters away when they turned the corner of the mausoleum going out of sight for less than a second. The father then deciding to teach them a lesson, jumped out, shining his torch in his face making a scary noise, only to realise no one was there. He ran round the mausoleum and realised it was all locked up and there was nowhere for them to hide or be seen. He then received a call from his wife saying his son and friend were now home as they got scared.

What do you think? Is it just a few scary stories intended to scare people? Did this article make you question whether ghosts are real? You decide and let us know.