Harry’s Hot Tubs has finally launched in Cov and we’re obsessed

Hot tubbin’ summer here we come

With nightclubs still being closed (we miss you Colly), we have a perfect way to have a boozy time with all your mates. Harry’s Hot Tubs has come to Coventry, so maybe those nightclubs can stay closed that little bit longer.

Whether it’s your housemate’s birthday (big 21st anyone?) or celebrating the end of the semester, a hot tub will provide a blissful retreat for you and your friends to get VERY drunk and have a right laugh. The best part is, you get to crawl straight to bed as the tubs are bought to your back garden.

They set everything up and even provide the chemicals.

Pool Parties

It might seem obvious but you and your housemates can get really inventive with this. Whip up some Mojitos, and get boozy in the tub. Blast some tunes, and you will feel like you are back in the club.

Extra Perk: No need for expensive Uber rides or trekkers down Far Gosford Street. All you have to do is take a couple of steps from your back door. It really couldn’t be any easier.

Post-Workout Chill

Gyms are now open finally, after a sweaty ‘ole workout to rejuvenate those aching muscles, a warm bubbly hot tub will do just the trick.

Who needs David Lloyd Clubs when you have your own spa on tap in the comfort of your own garden.

Hangover Cure

After a wild night of boozing, your head may be a little sore in the morning, but forget lounging around on your uni sofa, or hiding under your duvet, you can get some much needed fresh air, put the bubbles on and jump straight into the hot tub. It is defo a great distraction from the questionable decisions you made the night before.

Relax and Unwind

A hot tub is the perfect opportunity to unwind and de-stress from the many stresses of everyday student life (and yes there are many). It is the perfect activity for you and your house. Split the cost between your housemates, and have the most lit weekend. Is there really any better form of entertainment than a chilled hot tub with your mates?

From £109 for the entire weekend, (£18 each for a house of six), it might be just the cheapest three day sesh you will ever have.

Cheeky Celebrations

It is a great way to celebrate birthdays, graduations and pretty much any ‘gram worthy occasion. Get all of your friends round, pop open the bubbly and get a little (very) tipsy.

Major Photoshoot Opportunities

Having taken pictures in every park in Cov, the options for a good photo op have been well and truly exhausted. Add a little bit of spice and get your bikinis out and take 500 photos in a hot tub. Make a day of it by getting all dressed up, fake-tanning, and ultimately looking Ibiza-ready. After all, if you add some cheap fairy lights then a uni garden is basically the same.

Be the envy of the street

Who doesn’t need some main character energy? Everyone will wish they knew you, and better still they were you. If you want to channel your inner Mean Girl energy, then get booking one of Harry’s Hot Tubs right away. If you want to get the whole street talking, and boost your Insta likes then hot tubbin’ is defo the way forward.

Harry’s Hot Tubs are also currently raising money for mental health charity, MIND as part of Mental Health Week. If you use the code MHW at checkout you save £20, and they will also donate £20 to Mind Charity.

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