Harry’s Hot Tubs has finally come to Brum: here’s why you need to rent one right now

Essentially a Fab in your garden

We’re deep in lockdown 3.0, we’re all pining for the moment we can walk back into Fab, but Harry’s Hot Tubs has come to Birmingham so maybe we can wait a bit longer.

Whether it is your housemate’s birthday (the big 21 anyone?), or just a post-exam treat, a hot tub provides a blissful retreat and turns Selly Oak into an oasis.

We tried out a hot tub for the weekend and here is just a snippet of what we got up to.

They set everything up for you and provide chemicals

Pool parties

Stating the obvious here, but you and your housemates can get inventive with this! Make some cocktails (Brum themed ones here) and get boozy in the tub! Blast some music and enjoy your night in (or outside!)

Hangover cure

With your sore head the next morning, your cure is already there. Leave your bed and get some fresh air and let the bubbles distract you from last night’s antics.

Relief from lockdown boredom

This is the perfect activity for you and your house. Split the cost between your housemates and you’ve got all the entertainment you need for your weekend.

From £109 for the weekend (£18 each for a house of six), it might just be the cheapest three day bender you’ll ever have.

A good revision spot

Swapping the four walls of the library for your back garden may seem peculiar, however it doesn’t compare to a spot of essay writing (or procrastination) inside the bubbly warmth.

This might just be the new alternative to looking for a spot in the Teaching and Learning building.

Major photoshoot opportunities

We might not be able to travel anywhere right now, but putting on your best beach fit and getting your housemates to take 500 photos of you is the next best thing. Make an afternoon of it by dressing up, fake-tanning and, ultimately, looking Ibiza-ready. After all, a uni garden is basically the same.

Be the envy of the street

Who doesn’t need some main character energy? Everyone will wish they knew you, everyone will wish they were you. It’s just guaranteed to get the street talking. You might look like a prune but everyone will be talking about the hot tub, don’t worry.

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