The best Birmingham reactions to the news of lockdown easing

June 21 cannot come fast enough

On February 23 Boris Johnson announced a plan to end restrictions in England by June 21.

This would potentially see legal limits on social contact removed and the opening of nightclubs.

Here are Brum’s best reactions to lockdown being lifted.

The reactions from the Snobs social media team have been second to none, starting with this classic Titanic meme, which perfectly reflects how we feel the time has passed since we were last ‘out out.’

Bernie is all of us as we wait out the next four months.

Hopefully there are still appointments left before June 21.

Broad Street you hold a special place in every Brummie heart.

The doormen’s power on June 21 will be unmatched, they are going to be in for a long summer.

I’m not sure if anyone is going to be able to remember their first night of freedom.

I genuinely thought people born in 2003 were 10.

The week of June 21 should be declared a national holiday with the amount of people who will inevitably be calling in to work sick.

No longer being able to use the excuse of lockdown to not talk to people is going to hit everyone hard.

There couldn’t be a compilation of the best reactions to lockdown lifting without using Birmingham’s Holy grail meme.

Once inside the clubs, there will no doubt be plenty chat up lines such as this one, and no I did not, nor do I plan to, make banana bread.

Another line that will no doubt be used by every boy in Players.

Spare a thought for the socially awkward who do not enjoy clubbing, but feel obligated because they haven’t left the house in a year.

We all miss becoming best friends with ten random girls in the toilets at Fab.

This is a shout out to the introverts of Birmingham.

Maybe we should keep the masks for going around the city centre?

The news that has everyone even more scared. Will June 21 even be the first night of freedom?

Did someone say another graduation cancellation? Please, no Boris.

The best thing to come out of GMB is the memes.

The requirements for lockdown easing are:

• The vaccine programme continues on its current trajectory;

• There is evidence that the vaccines are reducing death and hospital numbers;

• Infection rates do not risk a rise in hospital admissions;

• The new variants do not change the risk of lifting restrictions.

With the late change in the lockdown rules before Christmas, many have adopted an “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach to lockdown easing.

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