UoB student interviewed by Katie Price about teen mental health

She ‘was really nice and relatable and made me feel so at ease’

Louise Lyons-Appiah, a second year History and Political Science student at UoB was interviewed by Katie Price.

The reality star and Louise discussed topics such as teen mental health, exam pressure and social media.

The interview will be aired on Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4 on Wednesday 24 March.

Louise told The Birmingham Tab that she travelled to King’s Cross, London to be interviewed by Katie Price, who is campaigning to “raise awareness about teen mental health struggles.”

The second year student described how Katie “got in touch with me through the Shawmind charity and their Breathe Uni initiative”. Louise then had just two days to prepare for the interview.

“Shawmind is a young charity on a mental health mission,” Louise explained to The Birmingham Tab, “they are committed to helping individuals and organisations understand mental health and emotional wellbeing, and how to manage them effectively to lead successful, fulfilled lives.”

The charity are working with BreatheUni, which Louise described as “a mental health safe space online for students to come and have a chat with other students and mental health professionals.”

“Run by students, for students, it’s the perfect starting point for anyone looking for support, learning about mental health, or simply seeing that they don’t need to suffer in silence,” she said.

During the interview, the pair “talked about the stigma around mental health, pressure of exams and social media,” Louise explained to The Birmingham Tab.

The History and Political Sciences student, who has her own podcast, the Jn’L Podcast, also opened up about her own “personal problems, such as bad anxiety and panic attacks” and described how talking with her brother, Jeremy, on their show “has helped my mental health”.

Louise told The Birmingham Tab how Katie Price “was really nice and relatable” and “made me feel so at ease”.

When asked how she thought the interview went, Louise told The Birmingham Tab “I hope it went well!

“It was great to meet her! She opened up about her own experiences, I think you will see that in the interview,” she said.

The interview with Louise and Katie Price will air on Wednesday 24 March on Steph’s Packed Lunch, Channel 4.

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