Coventry Clubbers of the Week

Another week of club shenanigans

This week has been very well rounded, good job guys! We've got the thirsty, the sloshed and the awkward. Enjoy this week's lovely highlights of Cov clubbers of the week.

Squad of the week

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finally found waldo, FINALLY

Runners Up

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England's best military forces

The 'I'm not drunk' clubber of the week

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I'm okay I swear, take a pic

The 'I'm not drunk' runner up

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Nothing to see here

Longest tongue clubber of the week: oh yes there's many

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Yes girl, let me see those tonsils

Runners up: clearly a signature face to pull

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'Promise I can touch the bottom of my chin'

Why's this a trend?

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Wow double trouble in this one

Happiest Clubbers of the week

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Why so glum in the back babe?

Runners Up

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Just pretend to laugh, it'll look cute

Thirstiest Clubbers of the week

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The holiest of fish bowls

Awkwardest Clubber of the week

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'Mate, I've got a girlfriend'

Runner Up

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I can't find anyone I came with, please help me

What will next week's clubbers of the week have in store for us? Tune in to see if you've joined the hall of Coventry club fame, a smashing achievement really.

All photo's courtesy of: Empire and BOOM Tuesdays at JJ's.