The ‘Fake Fake Taxi’ is still driving around Cov and he has more stickers

One says: ‘Louder than your girlfriend last night’

The infamous fake “Fake Taxi” is still driving around Coventry and has been spotted on Carmelite Road and Gosford street.

Coventry students were warned in a CUMoodle post not to get in the taxi and to only use trusted services, while West Midlands Police confirmed that they had spoken to the driver.

In December, The Tab Coventry reported that a Law student was trying to convince girls into his car by masquerading as a Taxi. In the article it was revealed that he sent lewd messages and unsolicited dic pics to girls he matched.

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A new sticker reads: 'I love my girlfriend'

The article detailed the numerous messages he had sent to one of the journalists investigating the driver after he was seen in popular student hotspots like Kasbah and outside Lancaster library.

In his messages he implied previous interactions with other females and encouraged her to "feel free to join."

The investigation continued, with one of the writers attempting to meet with him and uncover his motives under the pretence of "auditioning" for Fake Taxi.

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The driver pictured with the car in December

She was then refused by the driver the next day saying his "director" would only meet her in the car.

The real Fake Taxi then responded to the story by sharing the article and completely denying his association with the brand.

There has been more additions to his car with stickers reading: "Gas, grass or ass – No one pays for free" and "If you get any closer you'd better have a condom".

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After we first reported the presence of the fake "Fake Taxi", we approached the driver for further comment, who maintained the Fake Taxi front was meant as a "prank" after friends had made a bet that he wouldn't follow through with purchasing the sticker.

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The real 'Fake Taxi' called him out

He told The Tab Coventry: “It was a bet with my friend. I lost and I had to put the stickers on. Apparently people liked that so, I am keeping them on. There is any bad intentions or whatsoever.”

If you have any further information regarding the fake "Fake Taxi", email [email protected]