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There were a load of dogs in the Lanchester Library today, here’s why

Puppers are essential for your mental health

Dogs from the Broken Souls Animal Rescue have paid a visit to Coventry students today as part of CUSU's campaign in dealing with exam stress.

The event was also coordinated by Lewis Goode, an economics student at Cov, who wanted to bring awareness to mental health.

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Lewis talked to the Tab about the issue for students at Cov: "I thought I'd create this event during the exam season so people have time to relax and just think about their mental well being as well as, obviously, academic success.

We're all here to do our degrees but it's also important for people to look after themselves."

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The Broken Souls Rescue Charity focuses on rehoming stray dogs who would have otherwise been put down. Today they brought Ace, Nala, Smurfy, Phoebe and Spikey along with them for students to play with.

Other charities like PAT therapy dogs are often invited for events at the library and have even included animals like a giant rabbit, owls and meerkats.

Aside from cuddles from a furry friend, Lewis gives advice on how students can cope with exam stress and mental health disorders.

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"Don't be afraid to speak out and seek support. It may seem like a sign of weakness, especially for guys, but I feel like it takes a lot more confidence and guts to be able to speak out about it.

It's all good getting a 2:1 but if you're in a horrible mental state you probably won't even want to go into the graduate market."

The 'Exams: Stress Less' campaign have also organised seated yoga and a well being walk this week. Details can be found at the stands inside the library.