Here are all the Cardiff things that will put a Victorian child into a coma

Some of these would be too much even for a fresher

Cardiff is full of some unique, exciting, and sometimes surprising events which everyone has experienced at least once after moving to the wonderful capital of Wales. So we made a list of all things a Victorian child would not have survived, because we barely survive them as “fully functioning” 21st century students.

Rugby nights

The screaming, the crying, the singing, all of this would just be too much for one poor Victorian child. Especially if the game is England v Wales, a Victorian child would simply not stand a chance in this environment.

Black Friday in St David’s shopping centre

There’s nothing more difficult than trying to buy a gift on a Friday in St David’s, but if it’s a Black Friday, the struggle is even worse. From big families with screaming toddlers in pushchairs to the groups of year-sevens who swarm into Victoria’s Secret. Trying to navigate your way through the shopping centre is impossible. Getting that last-minute Christmas gift should definitely be an Olympic sport and let’s be real, this will be the demise of a Victorian child.


“You only live once” are the most adequate words to tell a Victorian child if you take them to the SU event. The music alone will send the child into another dimension, but let’s not forget the huge crowd of freshers dancing with VKs in hand, there’s nothing scarier than this.

Pres in Taly

The most notorious student hall in Cardiff would 100 per cent be the end of a Victorian child. It is so far from town and the SU that the walk alone would have ended a Victorian child. Mix in some corner shop booze to this, and you get the recipe for a wild night.

Cardiff and Barry Seagulls

These monsters are even worse than the plague-infected rats of the Victorian era. They can be mischievous, smart, and ever so cunning. A Victorian child will not survive a fight with one of them beasts on Chippy Lane, let’s face it.

A two-hour lecture

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Sitting in the cold lecture hall for two hours straight and looking at over 60 slides of boring lecture material would probably end a Victorian child; a final-year student too, so maybe we’re not so different after all.

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