Cardiff University Ladies Cricket Club complete hike to raise money for Ukraine

They hiked from Castle Coch to Caerphilly Castle in their cricket pads

On Saturday 26th March, fifteen girls of the Cardiff University Ladies Cricket Club completed a hike from Castle Coch to Caerphilly Castle to raise money for the Disaster’s Emergency Committee for Ukraine.

They hiked in their complete cricket pads and exceeded their initial target of £700. They then doubled it by raising over £1400. The money will be used for humanitarian relief by a means of providing food, water, and shelter for those fleeing Ukraine.

The Tab Cardiff spoke to the captain, Lauren Seagrief  about the event. She said: “[The hike] felt very necessary at the time and even now the war continues to raise funds and support those who are only a couple thousand kilometres aware from us.”

Lauren added: “All the girls collectively supported the cause and it motivated them for the hike and more importantly to raise as much money as possible.

“It allowed us to do our part and spread more awareness to friends and family and the university to how they can help.”

She also told The Tab Cardiff that the hike came to 11.5km with a slight detour by getting lost from the train station to Castle Coch. However, spirits were raised by rounding off the hike in a pub opposite the castle where the locals gave the team a round of applause when they learnt about the cause.

To learn more about the DEC appeal, click here.

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