DIY or out for brunch? These are our top tips to celebrate Pancake Day 2022 in Cardiff

It’s the second biggest food fest of the year

1st March, this Tuesday, welcomes the second biggest day of the year for foodies — Pancake Day. With a 40-day countdown to Easter (wahay for all that chocolate!) the date is dedicated to ultimate indulgence.

Whether you end up making some sweet treats at home, or venture out for some stacks, The Tab Cardiff have looked into the best places to get your sugar fix in Cardiff, along with some top tips for a DIY pancake day:

Out for Brunch

With so many dessert houses dotted around the city, it can be overwhelming to decide where to eat. Luckily, The Tab Cardiff researched (yes, eating counts as research) some spots around Cardiff where you can find some amazing pancakes.

La Creperie de Claudie, located right next to Victoria Park, is Cardiff’s very own French cafe. This authentic crêperie will be serving up all the savoury and sweet classics with homemade batter made fresh from local ingredients.

Or, if you fancy a challenge, Bills are extending their usual breakfast favourite to an all day long, all you can eat pancake stack. With one restaurant in the city centre and one in the Bay, you can chose from bananas, berries or smoked bacon and syrup for the sickly sweet price of just £7.45 .

If you’re near Queen Street, Creams cafe will be serving up classic crepes and American Stacks. A new item on their menu are cake filled pancake burritos (we didn’t even know it was possible!) to give you the best possible sugar rush.

DIYing the Day? 

If you’re starting from scratch then all you need for a speedy pancake mix is 100g plain flour, 2 eggs and 300ml of milk. Simple right?

But who’s gonna tell if you cheat with a pre-made mix? Tesco have pancake shaker mixes (either traditional or American Style) for just £1. Your perfectly crafted pancakes can claim culinary glory without letting slip your secret. 

To toss or not to toss?

It’s recommended by the pros (BBC Good Food’s incredible online community) to simply flip your pancakes with a “confident flick of the wrist” after cooking the first side so that it comes away from the pan. But we all know pancake day is not the same without the tossing competition — who can throw their pancake the highest and catch it without damage, plastering the ceiling or dropping it on the floor?

Betty Crocker, the kitchen guru and cake mix go-to brand say to keep an eye on your pancake at all times, flicking directly upwards and standing firm while keeping calm ready to catch — sounds easy right?

Brad Jolly definitely thought so; in 2012 he set the World Record for pancake flipping, tossing the crepe 140 times in just 60 seconds! An unbeatable feat, but deffo something you can practice to try and get your name in the record books.

Picking Those Toppings

Savoury or Sweet? Why not do both? On different pancakes of course, otherwise we might judge you. Cheese and ham is a winning combo that never fails to deliver.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong with some maple or golden syrup. This year, Biscoff is a popular contender, with smooth or crunchy jars of the Lotus biscuit spread in most supermarkets. Lather your pancakes and then sprinkle on some chocolate chips. We can feel the sugar rush already.

So, whether you fancy DIYing or brunching, sweet or savoury, there are plenty of ways for you to celebrate Pancake Day in Cardiff this year. Just try not to go overboard with the sugar!

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