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Leaving uni soon? Venture out of Cathays and visit these places around Cardiff

You mean you haven’t been to Pen y Fan yet?

Feel like you haven't seen all of what South Wales has to offer? That's because you probably haven't. Surprisingly, there's actually more to South Wales than just Cathays and the SU (weird, right?).

It's time to step out of your uni bubble and venture out into the Welsh countryside, we promise the sheep won't come for you.

Pen Y Fan

A classic Welsh rite of passage is climbing Pen Y Fan and having a picture with the plaque at the top. Did you even climb Pen Y Fan if you didn't get a picture?

It's the highest mountain peak in South Wales, standing at a massive 886 metres above sea-level. You can actually see for miles if it's a nice day, which to be fair it's pretty rare in Wales.

You can pick from either the easy or hard route, giving you the choice to make your climb as easy or difficult as you like, depending on how athletic (or hungover) you are.

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Something to be very proud of, even if everyone and their cousin has done it

Barry Island

There's no way you've reached the end of your uni years and haven't heard of the infamous Barry Island. Let's be honest, the whole of the UK has heard of the seaside town, thanks to Gavin and Stacey.

But what can you actually do in Barry Island? Well you can head to Marco's Cafe, Nessa's slots and the beach, you may even spot Uncle Bryn strutting out of the sea.

But there are non Gavin and Stacey activities too, such as heading to the high street arcades, the fairground and Friar's point. Barry itself also has a town centre, so you don't have to stay around Barry's Island (if you know, you know).

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Go see what's occurin' down Barry

Henrhyd Falls

Don't go chasing waterfalls… unless it's Henrhyd Falls. Henrhyd Falls is part of the Brecon Beacons National Park and is South Wales' highest waterfall, having a drop of 90 feet.

It's the ideal place to snap that gram worthy shot, or recreate your own Herbal Essences advert. It's a fair trek though, 3.5 miles along a wooded trail actually.

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Perfect procrastination destination

Glamorgan Heritage Coast

Benefits of living in Wales? The beaches. There are countless beaches close to Cardiff, the most popular being the 14 mile long Glamorgan Heritage Coast that spans from Porthcawl to Aberthaw.

Take your Cardiff Bae on a romantic stroll on the beach or head for a chilled evening with your housemates, being close to the beach is a luxury not many British people have so make the most of it. Just remember your coat because you are still in Wales.

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Margam Country Park

A fancy historic estate with gardens, lakes and a castle, what more could you ask for?

Every history student's dream is an 850 acre estate full of history, it's a given. From old ruins of the Norman Abbey, the gardens and orangeries, the castle, the lakes, the grounds filled with wild dear, it's literally everything you could expect.

Better yet, they have a small zoo and a Go Ape climbing assault course – the ideal day out.

And for all you 'Sex Education' fans (which is all of us), Margam Country Park is used as a location in season one and two as Adam's military school.

Caerphilly Castle

So in case you didn't already realise from living in the Welsh capital, Wales has many castles. The nearest one to us (other than the unmissable one in town) is Caerphilly Castle.

It's one of Wales' oldest medieval castles and literally looks like something out of a fairytale book.

There's loads of events throughout the year, one of the most popular being The Big Cheese. It's held during the summer and is filled with food, drink and live music.

St Fagans

Every Welsh student will know what St Fagans is, after being dragged there most years in primary school. Well for those of you who don't know, it's an outdoor museum about Welsh history.

It has buildings that span throughout time in Wales and shows you how Welsh people used to live in the past.

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Perfect way to learn more about Welsh history

So there you have the perfect, Welsh to-do list before you finish uni or head back home at the end of term. But even if you don't, then Cathays will always be there and so will the SU.

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