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Here are the seven hidden gems in Cardiff that you probably didn’t know exist

They are all worth a visit

Cardiff is known to be a lively and vibrant city with something for everyone. With endless amounts of shops and restaurants, it's almost impossible to know about every single one, but we're here to tell you about some trendy and unique places you should definitely check out.

Uncommon Ground Coffee Roastery

With rustic décor of copper teapots for lights, luminous wall art and exposed brick walls, this might just be the most hipster coffee shop you ever come across.

Uncommon Ground is a family run business, set up by brothers Paul and Ian in 2015. It can be found in the Royal Arcade in the city centre. They offer a variety of drinks including a creamy hot chocolate for £2.80, as well as having a food menu providing healthy and delicious options such as smashed avocado on toast for £5 and a falafel wrap for just £4.50.

There is plenty of inside and outdoor seating, making it the perfect location for students wanting a new study spot.

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Located in Royal Arcade, this quirky coffee shop is incredibly Instagrammable

Troutmark Books

If you love reading, you cannot miss out on this second-hand bookshop where they sell an array of genres for amazing prices.

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You can get lost inside the shelves of this quaint little shop

Some texts you may stumble across include a full collection of Shakespeare's works, which is a dream for any literature enthusiasts. They also sell original records and comics, storing some real gems from various decades.

Troutmark also offer to purchase any books you may be wanting to sell; a perfect way to make some pocket money and help out someone else.

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Despite looking small, there are three floors to the store

The Dead Canary

Ever wondered what nightlife in the 1920s was like? Let The Dead Canary transport you back in time. This secret cocktail bar is located on Barrack Lane just outside St David's shopping centre.

The bespoke interior and cocktails create the ambience of a 1920s speakeasy. All their drinks are inspired by and named after Welsh heroes, and they also offer cocktail masterclasses for those curious about mixology. If you're looking for a quirky location for a party, the bar offer private hire certain to please any guest. You can also attend their various events throughout the year.

The Dead Canary is the perfect location for a date night or simply a classy night out.

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Ring the bell to enter the premises


Ripple is Cardiff's first zero waste shop that offers a range of eco-friendly products from clothing to food at very reasonable prices. Its owner, Sophie Rae, set up Ripple last year in attempt to raise people's awareness of their impact on the environment.

All her products are Welsh-sourced and those that can't be come from ethical companies, encouraging sustainability in consumerism.

You can find out more about Sophie's products and business by reading about The Tab's visit to Ripple.

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The perfect shop for environmentally conscious students

Jian Chen's Fine Art

Jian Chen is an artist selling original pieces, many including Welsh landmarks and animals.

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Jian's gallery can be found in Duke Street Arcade

Her original paintings range between £250-£550 and include portraits of some famous faces such as Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp and David Bowie. She also sells smaller prints for £2.50, as well as mugs, magnets and tote bags which make for the perfect gift for the art lover in your life.

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She often makes use of bright, vibrant colours in her paintings

Hobo's Vintage

If you have a passion for retro clothing, Hobo's Vintage is the best place to find key pieces for your wardrobe. Selling authentic second-hand clothing from the 1960s and 70s, this trendy store is not one to miss.

Keeping the flower power decades alive, Hobo's clothes racks are full of items such as ripped jeans, bomber jackets and floral dresses. Not only do Hobo sell clothes, you can also get your hand on some cool items such as old-school Casino watches, funky mugs and bags.

They offer a 10 per cent student discount too, which is always a bonus.

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The epitome of 60s and 70s fashion

The Clink Cardiff

The Clink may seem like an ordinary restaurant, but look closer and you'll realise that it is nothing like anything you've ever seen before.

The Clink is staffed by prisoners and is a registered charity that offers offenders the opportunity to build a future, working towards gaining qualifications in many areas of hospitality.

Their food is so delicious that in 2015 they were named as the tenth best restaurant in the UK in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards.

The restaurant is located inside the grounds of Cardiff's category B prison, and the low-risk prisoners work as staff members. This unique setting and interaction with the offenders allows you to gain an understanding of their reality, making the work of The Clink even more meaningful.

The Clink Charity believe that giving second-chances and equipping prisoners with practical skills will help prevent re-offences and have already achieved a 49 per cent reduction in re-offending. Visiting this restaurant allows you to contribute towards the future of these offenders, giving them the opportunity of employment when they do come out of prison.

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Despite the appearance, the Clink has great reviews

This is just a handful of what Cardiff has to offer. So, next time you're bored, visit these places to try something different.