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The things millennial’s are SICK of hearing

We’ve all had that “when I was your age” lecture


Let's be honest here, we've all heard "your generation are lazy, none of you want to get real jobs" from some grotty old man on the bus.

But much like me, I'm sure you are sick of hearing it too. No, we aren't coal miners, we don't always go straight into work at 16, but we do work hard and it's a huge pet peeve of mine to be told I'm lazy for achieving a higher level of education.

So, these are the WORST things I've heard as a millennial:

That we feel entitled to be handed everything

All this silver spoon nonsense is just getting too much. Speaking for the majority of millennials, we work very hard to achieve the things we do.

Whilst I admit that yes, our parents, universities and contacts allow us a plethora of opportunity, it doesn't mean that we don't work hard off our own backs too.

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One thing we have been handed is climate change, and we're not happy about it.

That our degrees are pointless

As a professional colour-inner, I get this one a lot. Who would colour in maps if it wasn't for geography degrees, huh? We're all important in our own way.

I am SICK of hearing the "you're all just going to university for the sake of it" or "what the heck are you gonna do with that degree". Modern day employment is extremely diverse and requires all sorts of people educated in different areas, OK Susan?

Being told romance is dead

Our parents' generation like to boast of their 'organic' relationships, where they met in person and got picked up at the door. I admit that apps like Tinder have changed the nature of dating, but who said it was for the worst?

From a single Tinder profile, we can see what music they like, how they dress and their personality (displayed poorly by the cringe captions). We don't waste our time dating people that we know we aren't compatible with. Romance isn't dead, it's alive and well, it just exists in the form of swipes and nudes.

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deserves a right-swipe for sure

How we overuse our mobile phones

Most millennials will admit that they use their mobile phones a lot, this really doesn't bother us. But being told we're phone obsessed by 50 year-old Facebook addict, Karen, is just plain annoying. I love Kim Kardashian as much as the next white girl, but come on.

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nothing to see here x

Being called snowflakes

On face value, this might seem a charming word, however it runs much deeper.

Our generation face huge pressures, pressures which many parents would admit they didn't have to deal with when they were our age.

This year's Army Recruitment adverts have called us "snowflakes, binge gamers, phone zombies and selfie addicts". Although with good intentions, pinning these labels on young people is often highly inaccurate and plain rude. Try writing a diss, working a part-time job and smashing tequila three times a week, then get back to us.

"I had a mortgage, 5 kids and a dog at your age…"

Times have changed mum, ok? Firstly, no one wants kids anymore and dogs are all the rage. Plus, how can you blame us for starting life later when statistics show that none of us will even be able to afford kids, nor buy a house until we're in our forties. You might have had a mortgage at my age, but I've got SU Wednesdays, three days off a week and Live Lounge to handle. It's not easy.

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we look stressed out, right?

As much as adults hate to admit it, there are little downsides to travelling the world, it's just something they never got to do and they'll continue to guilt trip us for it. Young people of the world, take that gap yah. Your mum will just find something else to complain about otherwise.

"School was much harder in my day"

My normal response to this one has turned into a sighing 'uh huh' because quite frankly, I cannot be bothered to argue whether wood tech was harder than writing a diss. I'm not saying that school was ever easy, but judging from the stress our generation face, we've got it harder.

I'm sure most of us hear these things on the regular at Aunt Judy's 80th Birthday or the annual Christmas Party. Just laugh it off, delete over 50's off Facebook and be on your way.