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Important: Nominations are now open for Cardiff’s BNOC of the Year 2018

Cardiff legends come forth

The year is nearly over and there’s been all kinds of antics going on in the Diff. From Peppa Pig becoming a Medicine Fresher, to a third year going on Just Tattoo of us, it's been a jam packed year full of big names on campus.

The sesh has been constant, ambitions have been shattered and most importantly, names have been made.

The BNOC criteria

A BNOC, a.k.a the biggest name on campus, is someone who is constantly recognised around Cardiff, someone who hasn’t missed one Lash all year, a person who practically lives at Greyfriars, a Cathays' hero or just an all-round, well-recognised legend.

So, do you think you know Cardiff’s BNOC of 2018?

To enter your nomination for Cardiff’s BNOC of the Year 2018 click here.