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‘I did not feel guilty one bit’: We spoke to the Cardiff finalist who dumped her boyfrien​d with a tattoo

You might’ve seen her on Ex on the Beach as well

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks you probably will have seen the viral clip of Cardiff Journalism 3rd year Maisie Gillespie on 'Just Tattoo of Us' go viral.

The clip of her ex-boyfriend Ollie's new tattoo of a skip saying 'dumped' being revealed has been viewed millions of times, with her savagery being applauded. The Tab Cardiff got an exclusive interview with Maisie to ask her a bit more about what went down after the show.

"You fucking twat"

This has to be the most savage way to dump your boyfriend (MTV Just Tattoo Of Us)

Posted by The Tab on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hi Maisie! Tell us a bit more about yours and Ollie's relationship and how Just Tattoo of Us came about?

I was with Ollie for three years between the ages of 16-19, we met on a night out! MTV approached me about the show and they were like 'got any funny stories?' I told them that Ollie and I had been sleeping together but I knew that he'd been messaging his ex the whole time and they just loved the idea of that!

What's the reasoning behind choosing that exact tattoo?

I got the dumped tattoo because Ollie is a massive joker. Everything in life to him is a joke so I thought I would literally spell it out for him on his leg. He was bloody messsaging his ex?! To me thats pretty trashy, so he deserves to be reminded about it

How much in advance did you know you were gonna do this?

A while! We filmed back in June – MTV call you loads of times before the filming to confirm the tattoo and double check it and then on the day when you get to see it you can tweak it but i didn't need to, it was perfect.

Was it hard having to keep your cool in the run-up to the day?

Obviously I knew before we filmed what I was going to do and Ollie had no idea, that was the hardest part because we were still sleeping together so I needed to act cool. I had to make sure he wasn't spooked or anything so that was quite hard, knowing he was texting his ex and I had to act like I didn't know.

Did you feel guilty at all? Especially after seeing he gave you a love heart tattoo saying 'I love you'?

I did NOT feel guilty one bit, fuck the guy thinking he can fuck me over! I mean yes I did have a second of feeling bad when I saw mine, but it didn't last long, the tattoo he gave me is just words, his actions with his ex spoke louder.

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What was his reaction like once you stopped filming?

After filming we actually went back to the hotel, got some food and watched some shitty TV like nothing had happened! I think deep down he was like 'you mother fucker', but I think he also knew he was the one who had fucked up.

Has he got it covered up or has he got plans to?

He hasnt got it covered, I'm planning on getting mine covered though! I think deep down Ollie likes to have a story behind his tattoos and this is a good one.

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Have you two spoken since?

We spoke a little bit after, I mainly just used him for sex, but yeah we will always be kinda mates. He was telling me how he was seeeing someone recently and she saw the programme and kicked him out the house… Oops!

How does it feel now that you're turning into a video meme sensation?

MATE my whole life I have wanted to be a video meme sensation, like I have wanted this more than I've wanted to get my degree so I am buzzing, and now everyone knows how savage I am!