Peppa Pig is a Cardiff fresher, and we got an exclusive interview with her

Not the cartoon, the actual person just to be clear

Peppa Pig has been gracing our screens for over a decade now. Even if it wasn't on when we were young enough to watch it, everyone has learnt a lesson or two from Peppa, George and Mummy and Daddy Pig.

Whether you're a massive fan and have turned up to Taly with a Peppa Pig lunchbox set, or the show was just on as you walked passed and are vaguely familiar with the concept, you'll be surprised to know that the voice of Peppa Pig is now 18 and set to become a doctor.

And not just that. Cecily Bloom, the voice of Peppa Pig, is studying for her degree in Medicine at Cardiff University.

Ahead of Cecily's move to Cardiff to begin life as a fresher, we caught up with her to find out how she went from voice acting to medical school, and whether she thinks she'll be expected to do Peppa impressions during pre-drinks.

Firstly, how old were you when you got the role of Peppa?

I was six when I started, and I was the voice of Peppa from 2006- 2009.

Did you enjoy playing Peppa, and did anything change much at school?

It was really fun at the time, something a bit different. Nothing really changed too much at school though, but people have always found it interesting. I get asked lots of questions about it, and people still like to bring it up every now and again!

Do you think this will happen at uni, and will you be telling people about your alter ego, or will you let them find out for themselves?

Haha, I don't mind people knowing, but I don't normally tell them, so I guess I'll let them find out for themselves. Although, it might be a good conversation topic!

Do you think they'll ask you to do some Peppa impressions?

Yes, I bet they will. Everyone does, but unfortunately my voice has changed quite a lot since playing Peppa, so my impression isn't all that great!

After your success at voice acting, what made you change career path and decide to study medicine at uni?

After Peppa, I voiced Lizzie Elf on another show by the same producers, called Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. But voice acting was just something fun to do on the side of school. I decided I wanted to do medicine because I always liked science the best at school and I want a career that's pretty hands on and different everyday.

Do you have any societies in mind that you want to join when you get to Cardiff; anything to do with acting or radio presentation?

I haven't really looked at what societies there are yet, so I figured I'd wait until I get there and I'll have a look. But it depends on how much free time I'm going to have on my course.

Peppa fans watch this space. In a few days, you may be sitting in a lecture theatre with this legendary voice.