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The stereotypes of Taly you’ve definitely seen during first year

And will continue to see during your time at Uni

If you're anything like me and you live at the very top of Taly, you'll find yourself fortunate enough to walk through this beautiful and definitely not drug raided student village.

Every, single, morning. When you venture out for your 10am, you will find yourself walking amongst the very classic stereotypes of Taly . From Zara's catwalk fashion to Nike's popular sliders, you will be astonished at the range of character Taly offers.

The 'Edgy one'

Adidas tracksuits, Reebok trainers and a big fluffy coat that makes them look like a walking cushion, you guessed it, it's the Edgy one. Don't forget the classic baseball cap that serves zero thermal purposes in this minus degrees Welsh weather. Hey, who needs to keep warm when you can look edgyyyy.

If it's not a hat day, guaranteed they'll be walking around with space buns in their hair. They've definitely got fairy lights hanging somewhere in their flat, and you best believe they've jumped on the pink gin wagon.

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(nike trainers not reebok, soz).

The "one who's probably spent their whole loan on weed"

On your lecture runs you'll see the bloodshot eyes of the classic Taly stoner. That fire alarm last night at 2am? Yep, point your finger at these guys and their beloved spliff. It's them and their mates who provide us with the glorious, fresh smell of weed all around Taly. Some will love them for it, others will detest them for it, but their spliff will always be there for them. Respect to the plants.

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4/20 blaaaze it maaaan.

The 'Rugby lad'

Just when you think you've seen enough blue shirts and chinos on your YOLO nights, think again. The Rugby lads swap their LASH attire for the casual hoodie on their lecture runs, making that Cardiff Uni Rugby logo inescapable. Be warned, these MEN wear shorts all year round. Whatever the weather you can count on those quads being out. It makes you question whether rugby lads' legs will ever fit in jeans? I think not.

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shorts are versatile clothing OK

The 'Posh yob'

Funny but hazardous, spotted ahead is the classic Taly posh yob. You'll see them repping their Ralphy gear by day and smashing their Peroni bottles by night. You know they should've been in Gate but these posh yobs are too buzzing for the Taly social life. Rumour has it they can be seen stealing objects (traffic cones) during Freshers' Week to add to their trophy wall. Be aware of these posh yobs.

The 'Quirky one'

In between the worlds of edgy and wavy is the Quirky one. They're almost definitely attending that Vintage Kilo sale event on Facebook. It is also guaranteed that their wardrobe is half charity shop, half UO. They're never just leggings and a jumper kinda gal, oh god no. Their best flares come out for their Drama and Theatre studies and you should see their matching leopard accessories for the pub. Keep on owning it quirkies.

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art is my friend x

The 'Intellectual one'

While the majority of us will be found floating through uni and swapping a night of lecture catch up for the pub, there are some people who pay 9k a year to actually work for their degree (weird I know). Specs on, Clarkes shoes tied up and a backpack high up out of the way, you'll see the Intellect ready for a day of learning. They'll confidently stride away 40 minutes early to get the best seat in the lecture hall and tell you all about their mum's homemade cottage pie that they've got for lunch.

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The one doing the 'Walk of Shame'

You'll never go to a Thursday nine AM (if you do actually make it), without seeing at least one person strolling back in to Taly with their head down trying to hide their faces. The Walk of Shame is a classic and we all love to stop and stare when we see one. How do you identify one? Their make up is running half way down their face and makes them resemble a panda, they'll have last night's clothes on, and more often than not, they'll be wearing an oversized hoodie generously donated by their lovely one night stand. But hey, it takes guts to walk through Taly in this state, respect to the Walkers of Shame. Fingers crossed it's not fire alarm day.

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dw love as least you managed to pull

The 'Gap Yah'

You'll know when you've stumbled across a Gap Yah, because they'll tell only talk about their Gap Yah. From Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to Australia, New Zealand and Bali. They'll tell you the story about how their Gap Yah helped them find themselves and their Gap Yah gave them purpose to their lives to help those in need. Jeans no longer exist to the Gap Yah, it's all about them elephant print trousers now. I mean, is there anything else that says you're cultural as well as a pair of trousers with elephants on them? I think not. Did they mention their Gap Yah again whilst you read this?

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live, laugh, love, and more importantly, Gap Yah.

The 'Ket Girl'

Living in Taly means you will become accustomed to the sound of DNB, it'll become second nature to you. But the one who lives for it is our classic Taly ket girl. She's got all the contacts on speed dial, her fleecy jacket and french plait just proves this. Forget socks in her drawers, it's full of packets of this and bags of that, five pairs of sunglasses that are just unacceptable to wear to the beach and empty water bottles ready for the next sesh. She lives on the down low during the day, but you best believe she'll be at that rave on the weekend.

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If you don't have this filter do you even ket?

The Welshy

It's a known fact that you cannot go through your entire year at Taly without meeting the stereotypical Welshy. They've been waiting to come to Cardiff ever since they came out of the womb and now they're in their Capital, shits going down. They'll wear their Welsh Jersey for anything, trip to the pub? Lecture on local identities? Whip out that Welsh Jersey hun.

Their room will be full of posters of the welsh rugby squad and above their bed will be a Leigh Halfpenny shrine. But I guess they're handy to have around when the Six Nations are on and they know all the good pubs and how rugby actually works.

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dragons are my favourite animals xx

The 'Posh One'

Aside from our Posh Yob, we do also have the ones who remain Posh and maintain the manners Mummy and Daddy have always taught them (or their nannies). They'll be spotted with their classic Barbour jacket and Chelsea Boots after walking back from a big fat shop at Waitrose. Didn't go to private school? Don't own a Land Rover? Don't expect to become this one's friend. You just assume they didn't get the memo and were oblivious to Taly Gate's existence.

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Pinky out ladies.

If you don't have a friend in one of these stereotypes, it's you.