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SU LGBT+ Officers are on campus this week, to talk about mental health

From Monday ’til Thursday

This week, Student Union LGBT+ Officers will be visiting a variety of destinations across the Cardiff University campus. They will be raising awareness about all things mental health, whilst promoting the mental health facilities that are available to every student. Nightline, Student Minds and the LGBT+ Association, provide a few examples of the many services on offer.

It is known that LGBT+ individuals are at higher risk of experiencing mental health problems. The 'Stand with LGBT+' campaign, was founded to encourage those struggling with their mental health to come forward and seek help.

Statistics show that LGBT+ youth are four times more likely to kill themselves than their heterosexual counterparts, and more than half of the transgender community experience depression or anxiety.

Individuals subjected to prejudiced attitudes or behaviors, such as bullying or discrimination, which includes homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, often develop mental health issues as a result, from depression to suicidal thoughts.

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On the Facebook event page, organizers Taz Jones and Josh Lewis are inviting everyone to get involved:

"We'll be about to have a chat with you, sell some wristbands and to raise awareness for mental health and the LGBT+ community.

Check our social media for live videos throughout the week and our "Stand With LGBT+ Video" where staff and students have come together to say that they stand with LGBT+"

If you are affected by the subject of this article, you will find helpful information about the services available to you, on the Cardiff University Student Union website, here.

The SU Officers will be on campus from Monday through to Thursday.