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Every struggle you go through if you still suffer from acne at uni

At least I’ll be well stocked on cleansers for if WW3 hits.

For most people acne is a phase that comes and goes during puberty, but it turns out that not everyone "grows out of it". For some of us, acne continues to plague our lives right in to university which, alongside the actual condition, brings certain annoyances.

Getting so good at photoshop you are able to trick people in to thinking you have good skin

Also photoshopping friend's pics before they insta them is a must so the illusion is not broken.

Concealer and foundation is ineffective because the bumps are still forever on show

Still investing in £20 concealer and £40 foundation, though.

The feelings of angst and frustration when someone complains about having a singular blemish

Poor them??

A strong 75% of your student loan goes on skincare

£79 on what is essentially a massive electric toothbrush but for exfoliation,anyone? £15 on a makeup remover? What a bargain. Has any of it worked? Probably not. Is my skin just better because I can no longer afford alcohol or fast food (or food full stop to be fair)? Probably yes.

Everyone who notices your acne becomes a dermatologist

"Just stop wearing makeup" is still not useful advice.

Still believing every online hack may cure your acne

Maybe I'm just using the wrong brand of toothpaste?

Using so many products for oily skin that you end up with dry skin and have to start all over again

*Does a £50 online order of oil based products and questions life choices*

Tbf 10% student discount

Your skin finally seeming like it's clearing up but then getting too cocky and jinxing it so the acne comes back in force

It's an emotional rollercoaster and a half.

Dermatologist are too expensive, resulting in a low-key reliance on Lush staff to resolve your skin issues

Who knew portobello mushrooms contains skin protecting vitamins and minerals, honey has antibacterial properties or that fresh mint stimulates and tones the skin? Lily from Lush, that's who.

Cutting every food group out of your diet to see if it's triggering the acne

Am I sad because my skin is a piece of shit or am I sad because I'm not allowing myself to eat Dairy Milk and ice cream? Who knows anymore.

Feeling the shock and hurt when the new face mask you invested £10 does not improve your skin in any way

The GP's still taking using the line that acne's got no cure, and you'll just grow out of it

"Have you tried changing contraceptive pill?"

Well, here's to waiting for puberty to pass.