The peaks and valleys of being the Welsh friend at Uni

Don’t bother speaking to us when the rugby’s on

Being the Welsh friend at uni comes with so many highs and just as many lows.

Here's a few to expect if you've just moved in:

Explaining that Wales is NOT entirely made up of Valleys

Here's a quick geography lesson for all who are a little confused:

And don't bring the tv show up either. We hated it just as much as you.

Someone from outside of Wales calling you "Butt" or "Boyo"

This Welsh hardly use these words so please don't try it either.

When they try and understand where in Wales you're from

Just compare it to how far away it is from Cardiff, at least then they'll pretend to know where you're on about.

"I thought Welsh was just the accent"

Nope. We have an official language and it's not English or just the accent.

All the bad sheep jokes (there aren't any good ones)

Don't even attempt it. It will probably just be greeted with a very fake laugh because we don't want to be rude.

Being the only Welsh jersey…

And then being the lone man singing your heart out to the anthem.

"Oh I know someone from *a place in Wales*, do you know them?"

Surprisingly not. There are about 3 million of us here and I don't actually know every single one.

The continuous mocking for having chips AND rice with a meal

It's called half and half and once you've tried it, especially after a night out, you can thank me later.

Being asked to say that reeeeally long place name

Whether you know it or not, being asked this is probably classed as a classic by now.

Or to translate everything from place names to "my name is…" to swear words

One of reasons behind these questions is that they can go home to wherever they're from and brag to their friends that they can now 'speak Welsh'.

"Does it suck that your football team is basically just Gareth Bale?"

(To anyone English person who suggests this) Does it suck that you didn't even make it past the group stages?

When they quote anything and everything from Gavin & Stacey

Don't get me wrong, we absolutely love the show but just don't get disappointed when we're not exactly the same as 'Nessa and Bryn.

We're pretty much guaranteed to be the best people to go on a night out with

We love to drink. We don't care what people think of our dancing. And we always have a good laugh. What more could you want?

(Oh, and we love a karaoke)

Please don't interrupt the rugby

…or the football in that matter.

Or even think we're "a bit over the top" when we get all passionate about our international teams

Our passion and love for a game is what makes us some of the greatest fans in the world.

The argument that brews when they think we haven't got the best flag in the UK (or the world in that matter)

Come on now, we have a f*cking dragon.

So you know, treat us Welsh folk right and soon enough you'll be bathing in rice and chips. If not, well you know where the door is.

Diolch yn fawr.