We spoke to ‘cheeky’ Cardiff Chase contestant Callum

He nearly walked away with £13,000

Cardiff students enjoying some daytime TV yesterday might just have seen a familiar face on their screens. Second year Business Management student Callum Noad took on the Chase, and spoke to The Tab Cardiff about it.

Callum notched up an impressive £8,000 in his solo round, fielding questions on topics from chess to fairy tales with ease. This being the Chase, though, banter from host Bradley Walsh and the day’s Chaser is to be expected. Turning this on its head, flying in the face of tradition, Callum decided to dish some out, asking the Governess for her number.

Unfortunately, Callum reveals that he “didn’t get Anne’s number in the end.” This rejection might not be entirely unexpected. As the Governess recalled the smell of pig poo whilst driving through the country, Callum responded in a flash that “you might want to get out of your car then.”

As unimpressed as the Chaser was, it earned a good laugh from Bradley, who had also felt the wrath of Callum’s wit moments earlier.

Callum didn’t cram beforehand

Such a calm manner under interrogation appears to have been the result of intense preparation. Quite the opposite is true, says Callum. “I didn’t revise at all other than filling my brain with useless facts throughout my life.”

“I tried to revise the kings and queens of England but it was tediously boring so gave that a miss. I got a question about that wrong actually so maybe I should have!”

Callum kept the Chaser at a comfortable distance for the whole of his round

Watching any quiz show always leads people to think they can do it. Under the lights, however, all preparation can go out the window, and Callum decided to let instinct guide him, describing how “you have a gut feeling on all the questions, whether that’s knowledge or just lying to yourself. I don’t know but it seemed to work quite well.”

The final hurdle

With a £37,000 jackpot up for grabs in the final round, it looked like an impressive score of 16 might have been enough to keep the Governess at bay. Four slip-ups from the Chaser might just have given the team a shot at the money. On the fourth, with 16 seconds left to play, and the chaser two right answers away, a correct answer could have been the path to fame, glory, and riches for Callum and the team. It wasn’t to be though, and the Governess squeezed past the finish line with only seven seconds on the clock.

Cruelly deprived of glory and riches, Callum now only has fame to contend with. “It’s been so overwhelming with all of the Facebook posts and tweets,” he tells me. “Whilst not all the comments were the nicest, the majority were lovely and it’s quite fun reading nice comments about yourself.”

Callum and Bradley, pictured moments before Callum lays waste to the host

“I felt like it was my funeral, everyone commenting on me. I wanted to have a bit of fun on the show and I think I did that – making three national newspapers wasn’t something I was expecting but it just made me laugh.”

Hindsight can be a cruel mistress, as Callum says. “If I knew a bit more I’d have £13,000 in my pocket – I’m not bitter!! (I am)” But bitter or not, Callum knows the perfect place to bask in his own glory.

“I’m off to the SU tonight so I’m hoping my 5 minutes of fame will get me a few VKs”