35,000 came to Cardiff for Roald Dahl’s birthday weekend

‘The City of Unexpected’ is taking place over the 17th and 18th of September

Yesterday, as many as 35,000 arrived in Cardiff to see the free and wonderful events that bring Dahl’s books to life.

‘The City of Unexpected’ was created as a weekend of festivities to celebrate the 100 years since Roald Dahl was born.


Some of the unexpected events included a giant peach rolling to Cardiff castle, Fantastic Mr. Fox on a tight rope over the city (with a parade of angry farmers chasing him), and an incredible display of Wonka’s Factory displayed on City Hall.


While 35,000 attended Saturday’s event, the celebrations aren’t yet over. Today, on Sunday the 18th of September, there will be even more spectacles in Bute Park.


The event will be a Great Pyjama Picnic from 2-5pm, and will bring the celebration for the Cardiff-born author’s 100th birthday to a close.