My Cambridge walk of fame

For all the stars in Cambridge


After getting inspired by Rebecca Murphy’s article about what she would nominate for Manchester’s Walk of Fame, I decided to think about what deserves a star on Cambridge’s Walk of Fame.

1. Van of Life

Would give up my firstborn child for one of their chicken quesadillas. Easily deserves a star on the Walk of Fame.

2. Hot Content

Every band should be required by law to have a brass section. I would even endure a sober night at a Cambridge club if I knew Hot Content was playing.

3. Clare Cellars’ Stone Cold inventor

A masterpiece of mixology.

4. Jack of Jack’s gelato

Game changer. Genuinely still dream about the gingerbread cookie dough ice cream I had last year. It’s so good it makes me want ice cream in the depths of winter. Fair play.

(Image Credits: Sophie Tallon)

5. The U bus

Just kidding x

6. Arc Cafe panini

Sometimes a ham and cheese panini is all I need x

7. Lecturers that use decent handouts

What, you want me to actually listen to the lecture and make notes?? Get real.

Big love to all the lecturers with decent handouts and lovely PowerPoint slides. You are the backbone of my degree x

8. The train station scammer

A conversation in the Homerton group chat revealed multiple Hom students were bank transferring money to this guy who lingers in the Cambridge Leisure Park. From our calculations, he’s rinsed Hom students for over £50 so far.

9. Aromi

It has a pizza of my heart (*cue laughter*). Seriously though, their massive sandwich things and pizza slices are perfect for a lunch date without breaking the bank.

Love <3 (Image Credits: Sophie Tallon)

10. May Ball Presidents

You sacrifice yourself for us and don’t think it goes unappreciated. You argue with the college, send a million emails, hassle suppliers, negotiate prices, and organise everything, all for us to have the best night of the year. Lots of love to you guys.

Honourable mentions go to Arc filter coffee (£1.29 of caffeine), people who send lecture notes, and supo partners who agree with your point.

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